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13 Really Easy Slow Cooker Recipes That Won’t Heat Up Your Kitchen
Sure, you may have air conditioning, but why heat up the kitchen if you don’t have to? (You came inside to escape the stickiness and sweat!) You could artfully compose a salad or assemble a no-cook ...

18 Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Dinners That Will Feed The Whole Family
The ONLY thing better than homemade mac & cheese is homemade mac & cheese that comes together in just 10 minutes, or, in kid terms, about one Bluey. That dried onion soup mix you've had sitting in ...

Instant Pot vs Pressure Cooker: which should you buy?
If you’re not familiar with the Instant Pot it’s a programmable electric pressure cooker that became a huge online hit, spawning endless articles and recipe guides and turning people like your writer ...

What If You Made Oatmeal in Your Rice Cooker?
Be aware, this works best with a more advanced rice cooker that has several settings (we’ll talk more about that later). Oatmeal and I have an on-again, off-again relationship, so I never make more ...

Martha Stewart's Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches Are a Flavorful Weeknight Wonder
Summer is winding down, and while for some, that means a future of Costco Pumpkin Streusel Muffins and leaf-peeping trips is on the horizon, for others, it means the panic-inducing back-to-school ...

Best deals of the week: Instant Pot, Apple, Dyson, Canningvale
Thanks to the Afterpay Day sale - coming up on Thursday August 18 - there are going to be loads of huge discounts and savings available this week.

What To Do If Your Power Goes Out While Using A Slow Cooker
Depending on when the power outage occurred, and whether you were home or not when it happened, you may not have to throw everything in the slow cooker out.

‘A pressure cooker:’ A heat wave with above-normal temps heads to Fresno and the Valley
Summer isn’t over yet. A heat wave with above-normal temperatures is expected to hit Fresno and the rest of the Valley this week. The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat watch for ...

Thriving in a pressure cooker – Carte Blanche’s Chwayitisa Futshane
Futshane started her own narrative at the show a decade ago, as a researcher fresh out of university, ranking up to her current role ...

What If You Made Oatmeal in Your Rice Cooker?
Because it turns out that, under the right conditions, oatmeal can be prepared in your rice cooker. Provided it’s a fancy one and you have some time on your hands. Who is the oatmeal-in-rice ...