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Attorney General: Couple From Reform School Should Be Jailed
Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt's office says a southwest Missouri couple charged with multiple counts of abuse at a reform school should be back in jail.

Florida couple who trained 2 Olympic athletes teaches homeschooled kids through action sports
Toni and Uli Frallicciardi longed to create a curriculum that pushes beyond the four walls of a classroom and even homeschooled their own three children.

Tiny home couple has no regrets, even in the wake of the pandemic
Jessica and Todd Palmer have lived in a tiny home in Greene County, totaling only 240 square feet. The lifestyle change allowed them to be more sustainable and gave them the freedom to travel the ...

Ex-eBay employee gets 18 months for cyberstalking Massachusetts couple
A former security operations manager for eBay Inc. was sentenced to 18 months in prison Tuesday for his role in an extensive campaign to terrorize and intimidate the editor and publisher of an ...

Couple reunited with wedding ring lost at sea after metal detectorist finds it weeks later
A wedding ring that was lost at sea found its owner. A British couple celebrating their anniversary received a miraculous gift when Jenny Urquhart, 45, found her wedding ring that fell off while she ...

Amanda Chidester's Incredible Message to Fiancée as Softball Power Couple Competed in Tokyo
There were no gold medals for Amanda Chidester or her fiancée in the Tokyo Olympics, but the softball power couple has already won.

Who Are Amy and John Schubert? Couple Charged Over January 6 Capitol Riot
A commission that will investigate what led up to the January 6 riot at the Capitol is set to go ahead later today.

Softball power couple go for Olympic gold and bronze on the same day
U.S. softball infielder Amanda Chidester and Mexico infielder Anissa Urtez, who are engaged, each reached the medal round with their respective teams ...

A BMX couple, his paralyzing accident, and their return to the Olympics
Alise and Sam Willoughby were BMX racing’s fastest couple. After he was paralyzed during a practice run, he found meaning again as her coach.

Collision With Cow in Western Kansas Kills Arizona Couple
Authorities in western Kansas say an Arizona couple has died after their Jeep collided with a cow that had wandered onto U.S. Highway 40.

Former eBay supervisor sentenced to 18 months in prison for cyberstalking case targeting Natick couple
A former security supervisor at eBay received an 18-month federal prison sentence Tuesday for his role in a bizarre campaign of cyberstalking aimed at a Natick couple that ran an online newsletter ...

Badminton-'Like a married couple': how doubles teams build trust
Trust is the name of the game for doubles teams playing to win and, for some, building a strong relationship takes more than just good communication.