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News for Cra-z-loom

Gallery: Toys 'R' Us says Big Hugs Elmo, Cra-Z-Loom among 2013 top toys
Will your kids be clamoring for an Elmo that gives hugs, a loom that lets you make rubber bracelets or a kid-size go-cart this holiday? Those and others have made Toys R Us' annual list of "hot" toys that the company is betting kids will want around ...

Toys R Us: Free Thomas the Train play date Saturday + Cra-Z-Loom event
Toys R Us will have a Thomas the Train playdate tomorrow. Stop by a Toys R Us to get in on the fun between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. They will have story time, activities and special savings. Call your location and confirm they are participating. Also mark your ...

Choon's Design moves ahead with patent lawsuit against Rainbow Loom rivals
But LaRose, makers of the similar Cra-Z-Loom and other Cra-Z-Art toy and stationery products, brought a challenge to the Trial and Appeal Board a few months after Choon’s lawsuit and sought to invalidate the patent. The board denied the challenge in part ...

Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker
There are 102 days left until Christmas. Toys R Us gave us a sneak peek into some of the exclusive toys that look likely to be hot this holiday season.

Kids go 'old school’ as latest playground crazes resemble must-haves of the 1970s
Mike Coogan, spokesman for Toys “R” Us said: “We predicted Cra-Z-Loom bracelets would become a playground phenomenon this year and it certainly hasn’t disappointed, after a massive two fold increase in sales last week, it was the number one toy in ...

Clips for popular rubber-band bracelets at center of patent fight
Ng also sued LaRose Industries, the creator of Cra-Z-Loom, and Toys “R” Us, which sells the competing kits. Cra-Z-Loom filed a countersuit Aug. 28 that claims actions by Ng’s firm were “maliciously calculated to procure a breach of contract.”

9 Hot Toys That Every Kid Wants This Year
Any item on this list is sure to help you knock the socks off your niece, nephew, godchild, or any other kid you may be want to spoil this year. The Cra-Z-Loom isn't just for friendship bracelets. Kids have also made sandals, dolls and tons of other ...

10 totally awesome D-I-Y craft book for kids
If you have a Rainbow Loom, Cra-Z-Loom, or a FunLoom, try making some these totally awesome bracelets, earrings, rings, or belts for yourself or friends and family. Colorful photographs give clear step-by-step instructions for 12 awesome projects.

9 Hot Toys For Christmas Every Kid Wants This Year
The Cra-Z-Loom isn’t just for friendship bracelets. Kids have also made sandals, dolls and tons of other unexpected art projects out of rubber bands. It’ll keep the kid in your life creative without the mess of markers or paint. The kit comes with a ...

Rubber band bracelets
The popularity of the bracelets -- made by Cra-Z-Loom and Rainbow Loom -- has reached such heights that it even prompted one school in New York City to ban kids from wearing them to class.