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News for Custom

Halo: MCC Is Adding Crossplay And Custom Game Browser In 2020
Additionally, 343 will add a custom game browser and give people the ability to choose their server region. Additionally, mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One is coming, while players will also be ...

With a Sleek and Slender Profile, CRN’s New 203-Foot Custom Superyacht Nods to the Future
CRN said in a separate statement that it will be building a custom 170-ft. all-aluminum yacht. Netherlands-based Omega Architects created the exterior concept, while Massair Design did the ...

Custom Discount Exteriors takes the pressure off the customer
This company is Custom Discount Exteriors. Tom Priester is here to tell us more. Tom explains that Custom Discount Exteriors does all manners of work on the outside of your home. They can handle any ...

Navy veteran turns passion for baking into full-time food truck and custom cake business
I went from working on F-14 fighter jets on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier to changing diapers and baking cakes," said Barnes, owner of Whisk and the Whimsy food truck and custom cakes ...

VistaPrint Lets You Make Custom Masks For Only $20
If you're going out of your house right now, you should be wearing a mask. If there are people in your life who are a bit more reluctant about wearing a mask, ...

The perfect pair? Custom-fit jeans startup challenges fast fashion mindset
Instead of buying off the rack, consumers receive a bespoke pair customized for their body. Aside from eliminating inventory waste, the hope is customers will keep the durable apparel longer.

Sponsored: Custom Silicon Valley smart home with dramatic views on 2.16 acres
From the reflecting pool and infinity waterfall in the front to the grand foyer and entertainer’s backyard with quarry views, this updated five-bedroom smart house is full of impressive ...

xCloud gaming service scores custom accessories, like Razer Kishi Xbox version
Microsoft's xCloud cloud-gaming service is getting some accessories of its own. Along with today's news that the service will be launching on Sept. 15 as part of its $15/month XBox Game Pass Ultimate ...

Meet the Creators Making Custom Rugs Inspired By Travis Scott, Pharrell, Space Jam, and More
From Sean Brown’s CD rugs to LoCarpet Craft’s door mats, here are six creators making home accessories inspired by streetwear, music & more.

These kitchen knives let you adjust their center-of-gravity for a uniquely custom chopping experience
When you need a knife’s blade to do the work for you, a heavier blade allows for better cutting, so rather than having different knives for different applications, the Ecriture Perfect Knives come ...

Twitter subscription model may offer undo send button, custom colours and more
Twitter may bring in an undo send button with a host of new features like badges, video publishing, and auto-responses in the near future for paid subscribers. A survey from Twitter listed the ...

LawToolBox Adds "Easy Button" for Custom Breakout Rooms and File Sharing in Microsoft Teams for Virtual Court and Depositions
LawToolBox announces an "easy button" in Outlook and Microsoft Teams enabling LawToolBox users to create their own custom templates to quickly construct virtual meetings for any business activity they ...