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News for Czechoslovakia

This double agent spied for the CIA and KGB — and was a famous swinger
Although he spied for several competing agencies — the American CIA, the Soviet Union’s KGB, and Czechoslovakia’s StB — Koecher was most memorable as an eager participant in the East Coast’s early sex ...

Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed
This book, the most thoroughly researched and accurate history of Czechoslovakia to appear in English, tells the story of the country from its founding in 1918 to partition in 1992-from fledgling ...

Paulina Porizkova Hits Back at Plastic Surgeon's Critiques of Her Face
Paulina Porizkova is not here for the ageism. Paulina Porizkova made it clear that she has no problem with aging or her physical appearance as a result of getting older. On Friday, the 57-year-old ...

Canadian cardinal with Jewish ancestry honors Jewish-born nun and saint who was murdered at Auschwitz
Cardinal Czerny noted that his mother's relatives, despite their conversion to Catholicism, were also persecuted by the Nazis for having Jewish ancestry.

SIT showcases machines from the past
Most of these machines were imported from England, Germany and Czechoslovakia in the 1950s, and were used not just to train students, but also for manufacturing parts for local fabrication industries ...

The unacknowledged legislators of the world
W.H. Auden hated Percy Bysshe Shelley’s apothegm that poets are “the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” That phrase, he wrote, “describes the secret police, not the poets.” Having put his ...

Remembering Tony Placzek, adventurer, optimist, real estate investment broker
Czech mother escaped the Nazis, Tony Placzek lost many relatives to the camps and sought later in life to uncover his family’s remarkable lost history.

Remembering Cardinal Jozef Tomko, Courageous Witness of the Persecuted Church
The death of Cardinal Jozef Tomko on Monday — at 98, he was the oldest living cardinal, recalled a difficult, but heroic, period in the life of the Church. He was the last of the indomitable Cold War ...

Paulina Porizkova fires back after plastic surgeon says her face needs ‘fixing’
This is what an older woman in the public eye gets to deal with. I’m told my face needs ‘fixing.’ It has somehow gone ‘wrong’ by aging,” she wrote.

Vatican cardinal honors Jewish convert, tells his own story
A Vatican cardinal has marked the 80th anniversary of the gas chamber killing of the Jewish-born Catholic convert Edith Stein ...

Book review: 1989 from the No.1 bestselling author Val McDermid
Knowing what fertile territory it is, former journalist Val McDermid made a shrewd move when she switched from traditional crime fiction to a series featuring an investigative journalist. Projected to ...