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News for Damaged

West Ham’s CL hopes damaged by 1-0 loss to Everton
West Ham's chances of qualifying for the Champions League for the first time were damaged by a 1-0 home loss to Everton in the Premier League on Sunday, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin scoring the ...

Two houses badly damaged in suspicious 3-alarm Surrey fire
Surrey RCMP said one home was under construction and vacant, while the occupants of the second escaped unhurt. Several nearby homes were also evacuated.

2 arrested for stealing copper from building damaged by Christmas bombing
Two people were arrested for stealing copper from one of the buildings damaged by the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville.

2 Homes Damaged In Elk Grove Fire
Firefighters battled a blaze in Elk Grove that burned two homes Saturday afternoon, according to the Cosumnes Fire Department.

Johnson will vow to repair damaged NHS to lock in election gains
Boris Johnson will put repairing the NHS at the heart of his next programme for government, as his team draws up plans to lock in the huge local election gains in the north of England and Midlands.

Crews battle fire that damaged, destroyed 3 waterfront homes in San Leon
Firefighters battled large flames on the waterfront in San Leon, in Galveston County, early Wednesday morning. It took about an hour to get the fire under control. The homes that were damaged or ...

Sections of Cosy Cabins Motel heavily damaged by fire
No one was injured, but a portion of the Cosy Cabins Motel in Woodstock has been destroyed after catching fire Friday night.

Florida program to help brain-damaged kids embraces reforms it once opposed. Promises more
The day after the Florida Legislature passed a bill to reform a state program for brain-damaged children, its executive director rolled out a host of additional changes that went beyond those mandated ...

Trees Downed and Tent Damaged at Texas Campground Following Severe Storm
Trees were downed and a tent left damaged at a campground in Ennis, Texas, on May 4, after a severe thunderstorm moved through north-central Texas overnight.The National Weather Service had put a ...

National Weather Service confirms Western Maryland tornado damaged 150 trees
A supercell thunderstorm produced a tornado Monday evening in Frederick County, the National Weather Service has confirmed.

Temporary DMV Locations Opens At Prairie State College To Replace Chicago Heights DMV Damaged In Wake Of George Floyd's Death
A DMV damaged in the wake of George Floyd's death last summer has cost people in the south suburbs a lot of time getting to the city to get things done, but now there is a solution nearly a year and a ...

Underwater power cables in Straits of Mackinac being replaced 3 years after anchor damaged them
Three years after a ship anchor damaged three underwater power cables in the Straits of Mackinac, work has begun to replace those cables. On Monday, American Transmission Co. said the process of ...