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News for Damaged

Suspected early morning arson leaves Armenian church badly damaged
Police are investigating a suspected arson that took place early Thursday morning at an Armenian church in San Francisco’s Laurel Heights neighborhood.

Joe Biden trotted out the trope of the damaged veteran during a recent campaign speech
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is facing criticism after he recounted a story about a military veteran who committed a violent crime after his wartime service ...

Roglic's bike damaged during official check, say team
Merjin Zeeman was excluded from the race for intimidating and insulting a member of the UCI at the end of Thursday’s 17th stage. "I got upset when the commissioner dismounted the crankset from ...

From flooded neighborhoods to damaged homes: See Hurricane Sally destruction in drone footage
Hurricane Sally caused significant damage to Northwest Florida after the storm made landfall just across the Alabama state line on Sept. 16. Triple-digit wind speeds from the storm-battered coastal ...

Glen Burnie pizza shop damaged by accidental fire, officials say
A fire broke out at a pizza shop in Glen Burnie Thursday, the Anne Arundel Fire Department said. The blaze was discovered in the wall space behind a commercial pizza oven and was contained in 20 ...

Wedding venue damaged by possible tornado 10 days before opening
A wedding venue in Rincon, Georgia was damaged overnight by a possible tornado 10 days before their grand opening. They have been working on the venue for four years. After four years of hard work, ...

Damaged Lake Street Target store set to reopen in November
The Lake Street Target store that was heavily damaged in riots following the death of George Floyd will reopen in mid-November. The Minneapolis retailer said it will be one of the fastest rebuilds of ...

2 vehicles totaled, 1 more damaged in vehicle fire outside auto repair shop
A fire that started in the engine of an idling van Thursday afternoon left two vehicles totaled and another one damaged.

4 projects approved to restore spill-damaged coastal areas
A Mississippi group has approved four proj ...

Long lines for fuel, boats damaged: Coastal Alabama cleans up from Sally
Hurricane Sally, with wind gusts over 105 mph, walloped the area on Wednesday, making landfall in Gulf Shores and registering the most devastation from a hurricane in this region of Alabama since ...

Several vehicles destroyed, damaged in fire at casino parking garage
At least five vehicles were destroyed or damaged in a fire early today at the parking garage of the Four Queens in downtown Las Vegas, fire department ...

California family frustrated governor, Harris used fire-damaged property for 'photo opportunity'
A California family is claiming Gov. Gavin Newsom Gavin Newsom Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire leaving California: 'Terrible governance has consequences' Who's right on climate change: Trump or Newsom? The ...