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Online Dance Festival Digital Mirage Rescheduled Due to Current Events
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TV Ratings: 'World of Dance' Stays Solid as NBC Sweeps Primetime
NBC swept all three hours of primetime Tuesday with America's Got Talent and World of Dance. Both shows dipped a little from their premieres last week but were easily the top two shows of the night in ...

Ratings: ‘AGT,’ ‘World of Dance’ Keep NBC Way Above 4-Way Tie for Second Place
"AGT" and "World of Dance" came within one-tenth of a ratings point of their respective season starts last week, holding NBC well above the fray on Tuesday ...

Gilbert Dance Crew Wants to Unite Community on WORLD OF DANCE
The Rise' is a dance crew from Gilbert, Arizona, comprised of a band of brothers who wants to spread their message of hope, through hip hop. The Rise is currently competing on the NBC dance ...

Hall of Fame NBA Writer: Why Michael Jordan Embellished 'The Last Dance' Stories
Hall of Fame NBA Writer and author of 'The Jordan Rules' Sam Smith explains why Michael Jordan embellished stories in 'The Last Dance' documentary.

Warriors' Steve Kerr shares funny details about 'Last Dance' interview
Steve Kerr sat down with the film crew in late October 2018 when Golden State was in New York to face the Knicks.

Dance Moms Stars Speak Out Against Abby Lee Miller Over Alleged Controversial Remarks
Dance Moms parents Adriana Smith and Camille Bridges share their experiences with Abby Lee Miller after the death of George Floyd.

Mavs Carlisle's No. 1 Takeaway From 'The Last Dance'
DALLAS – ESPN’s wildly popular “The Last Dance" took the world by storm, becoming the most-watched series in ESPN’s history and surpassing Netflix’s “Tiger King” as the most popular documentary of ...

Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance Presents Virtual 20th Anniversary Season
In June, choreographer Jody Sperling and her company Time Lapse Dance (TLD) offers three program-filled weeks, with such highlights as a Pride-month presentation on early performance technologist and ...

Instead of Breaking Their Communities, Protestors Breakout in Song and Dance
They have been caught repeatedly breaking windows, tagging buildings and setting fires. Despite all that, protestors from the West Coast to the East Coast have decided to offer positivity when things ...

'The Last Dance' Possible Episode 11 Storyline Could Reportedly Prove Jerry Krause Was Right
If ESPN’s “The Last Dance” created an episode 11, the storyline could prove that the late Bulls GM Jerry Krause was right.

‘World of Dance’ performance: Grown-up UPeepz crew tried to follow in footsteps of kid sensations VPeepz [WATCH]
If you’re a “World of Dance” fan, the name UPeepz sounded awfully familiar when they were introduced in “The Qualifiers 2.” That’s because the Filipino hip-hop ...