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New Rules Detail How Foreign Students Can—and Can’t—Take Classes at U.S. Colleges This Fall
Long-awaited guidance from Immigration and Customs Enforcement says some foreign students won’t be able to take classes entirely online.

Horrifying new detail about line drive that hit Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka
New York Yankees starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was hit in the head with a line drive Saturday off the bat of Giancarlo Stanton and diagnosed with a mild concussion.

Fans Notice This Detail About Sofia Richie's Bikini Instagram After Spending July 4 with Scott Disick!
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie spent the Fourth of July together, leaving fans wondering if they perhaps reconciled after their late May 2020 breakup. They were a couple for about three years before ...

How A Nudity Clause Helped Tessa Thompson Learn A Major Detail About Her Westworld Character
In fact, Tessa Thompson says that Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan keep the plot points on the series under wraps. But she came to know two things about her character heading in mostly ...

The U.S. Defense Space Strategy works on paper, but will it be implemented?
On June 17, the Department of Defense (DOD) released a summary of its new Defense Space Strategy (DSS). The document outlines a strategy for advancing U.S. military space power over the next 10 years.

Authorities detail boating accident that killed Station Casinos president Richard Haskins
Richard J. Haskins, president of Red Rock Resorts Inc., died in a boating accident while vacationing in Michigan July 4.

Late South Korea triathlete’s teammates detail abuse allegations
Former teammates of a South Korean triathlete found dead last month after alleging she had been abused by her coaching staff said on Monday athletes endured a living “hell” and were ...

Police reports detail warning signs in hours before man allegedly held 2 salesmen at gunpoint
Scott Gudmundsen told multiple people he had to confront 2 salesmen he believed were antifa, according to police reports.

Complaints detail accusations against Palm Coast mayor
A complaint filed with the state’s Ethics Commission claims Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland misused her office and violated the city’s charter to benefit her employer, Coastal Cloud. The city’s ...

Secret Service agents assigned to Pence’s detail tested positive for coronavirus ahead of his Arizona trip
Eight Secret Service agents assigned to Vice President Mike Pence’s detail ahead of his trip to Arizona tested positive for the coronavirus right before Pence was scheduled to travel there, a law ...

Late S.Korea triathlete's team mates detail abuse allegations
Former team mates of a South Korean triathlete found dead last month after alleging she had been abused by her coaching staff said on Monday athletes endured a living "hell" and were habitually beaten ...

Chicago OEMC officials detail safety plan, resources for weekend’s extreme heat
The city’s Office of Emergency Management detailed a list of resources and safety tips as Chicagoans prepare for extreme heat over the Fourth of July weekend. The city will be ...