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Emails Detail Effort to Silence C.D.C. and Question Its Science
Emails from a former top Trump health official and his science adviser show how the two refused to accept Centers for Disease Control and Prevention science and sought to silence the agency.

Crown Princess Mary gets fans talking with this one detail in her home office
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has shared a glimpse inside her home office, which features black-and-white portraits of her children on the wall ...

Astronomers observe stellar winds from aging stars in unprecedented detail
Astronomers have captured high resolution images of stellar winds emanating from a diversity of aging stars. The observations, detailed Thursday in the journal Science, suggest the dramatic shapes of ...

‘The Office’: The 1 Subtle Detail That Was Very Deliberate During All 9 Seasons
There was some very specific attention to detail that went into The Office and it's one of the reasons the show continued to appeal to younger audiences.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Detail Buddy Danielson's First Weeks at Home
Daniel Bryan joined wife Brie Bella on the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast to discuss becoming parents to two, how Birdie Danielson is getting along & more.

Flogging Molly Detail ‘Swagger’ 20th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set
Celtic punk band Flogging Molly are marking the 20th anniversary of their debut studio album, Swagger, with a limited edition vinyl box set. The 5000-copy run will be released on October 23rd via ...

The latest Chromecast leak shows remote in full detail
Pad at the top and a volume rocker on the side, as well as buttons for back, Assistant, home and mute. Most notably, the remote has dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons. Previous Chromecast devices ...

Researchers Detail Challenges of Determining Coronavirus Mortality
Challenges associated with accounting for deaths directly associated with coronavirus include the lack of a case definition in the early months of the pandemic, a new journal article says. Accounting ...

Facial reconstruction reveals Egyptian 'mummy portrait' was accurate except for one detail
The ancient Egyptian boy's "mummy portrait" (left) next to the newly created 3D facial reconstruction (right). Just after A.D., a young child living in Egypt contracted a deadly illness — most likely ...

Lady Gaga’s ‘911’ film exposes mental-health battle in raw detail
But it’s the mental-health message of the video that may linger even more than the visuals. That may come as no surprise for the Little Monsters who already know that “911” is a song about Gaga’s ...

Court docs detail sick child-porn charges against ‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris
The allegations against Harris — arrested Thursday on federal child-pornography charges — are laid out in the 28-page complaint and illustrated by disturbing text and social-media exchanges.

Prosecutors Detail Russians’ Crypto Phishing Scheme in Forfeiture Suit
Prosecutors detailed Danil Potekhin and Dimitrii Karasavidi’s alleged heists, victims and target exchanges in a 30-page forfeiture complaint filed Wednesday against the pair’s previously seized crypto ...