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News for Detroit

Detroit bus driver who complained about a passenger coughing has died
Detroit bus driver Jason Hargrove, who complained about a passenger coughing without covering her mouth, has died of the coronavirus.

The next Detroit Tigers star? Austin Martin is Baseball America's top draft prospect
Vanderbilt outfielder Austin Martin was also ranked No. 1 before the college baseball season in a mock draft by Baseball America.

Together Detroit: Wings' Larkin donates gloves to area hospitals
through the annual Larkin Hockey School he runs with his brother and cousins, through speaking at the Detroit Free Press Sports Awards or through the many events the Detroit Red Wings community ...

Ford partners with southwest Detroit restaurants for free deliveries
Ford partners with southwest Detroit restaurants for free deliveries Residents living in the 48209, 42810 and 48216 ZIP codes can order from any of five restaurants Check out this story on detroitnews ...

Detroit bus driver dies of coronavirus after posting video about passenger coughing
Jason Hargrove died less than two weeks after expressing concern about passenger coughing without covering her mouth ...

Detroit area group raises cash to feed health workers, help restaurants
Detroit area group raises cash to feed health workers, help restaurants Front Line Appreciation Group (FLAG) Metro Detroit has grown to nearly 10,000 members and raised nearly $65,000 for restaurants ...

Detroit's downtown to light up in red, white and blue for workers on coronavirus frontline
Bedrock is partnering with Detroit building owners to light up the city skyline to salute doctors, police officers, grocery workers, more ...

Detroit area coaches say MHSAA’s cancellation of sports is ‘right decision’
Despite getting the outcome everyone in the high school sports landscape wished against, coaches from the Metro Detroit area have expressed understanding and agree with the MHSAA’s decision. “I’m ...

Detroit hospitals 'getting crushed' as Michigan coronavirus cases surge
An alternate care facility is currently being built inside Detroit's TCF Center as Michigan hospitals struggle to care for patients.

Detroit skyline to shine red, white and blue in honor of essential workers
DETROIT – Several of Detroit’s most prominent buildings will illuminate with red, white and blue in honor of essential workers working tirelessly through the COVID-19 pandemic. Bedrock, a commercial ...

Ex-Patriots coach Matt Patricia teams with nonprofit organization to fight coronavirus pandemic in Detroit
With the urge to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic, former New England Patriots defensive coordinator and current has found a way to contribute. Thanks to a suggestion from ...

Detroit bus driver who complained about a coughing passenger dies of coronavirus days later
In between shifts last month, Hargrove, a city bus driver with the Detroit Department of Transportation, recounted in an obscenity-laden Facebook video how a woman onboard had just coughed in front of ...