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News for Diamond

The best budget Chromebooks: More diamond than rough
Chromebooks come in all shapes, sizes, configurations, and price points. Some are better for students, some are better for casual at-home browsing, while some are better for mobile professionals.

FirstCash: I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A Diamond Ring Today
Economic shocks like COVID-19 translate to big business in some sectors. Non-prime lending will get a big boost from all the layoffs. In this case, people will ...

Diamond League postpones three more events in May
Diamond League events in Stockholm, Naples and Rabat that were scheduled for late May have been postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How Does Diamond Hill Investment Group's (NASDAQ:DHIL) P/E Compare To Its Industry, After The Share Price Drop?
To the annoyance of some shareholders, Diamond Hill Investment Group (NASDAQ:DHIL) shares are down a considerable ...

The Latest: 3 more Diamond League track meets postponed
The Latest on the effects of the outbreak on sports around the world: The Diamond League has postponed three more track meets because of the outbreak. The events in Stockholm on May 24, Naples and ...

Hear Neil Diamond’s hand-washing rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’
Singer Neil Diamond shared a video of him singing his song 'Sweet Caroline' on March 23, 2020 with lyrics changed to encourage people to wash their hands amid the coronavirus pandemic.

NBA 2K20 New Locker Codes And Moments Cards, Including Pink Diamond Lance Stephenson
The major focus of the latest NBA 2K20 MyTeam content release is the Spotlight Sim Series, League Series II and Heat Check packs. There is more content here for those who are chasing the Completionist ...

Adam Wallenta on a Diamond Dilemma for Punk Taco
Comic creator and publisher Adam Wallenta has issued the following missive to comic book retailers. He writes, I was hit with the news that Diamond would not be distributing any new books in the ...

DC Continuing Some New Releases Through Booktrade Distributor during DIAMOND Stoppage
DC has re-confirmed plans to release its OGN Gotham High to the booktrade on April 7 as planned. The OGN was solicited to be released to the Direct Market on April 1, but due to Diamond Comic ...

Thank FOC It's Friday – Nothing To See Because of the Diamond Shutdown
Yesterday, Diamond Comic Distributors stated that a list of publishers would not have any FOC books this week. After all, with Diamond Comic Distributors closed to new product, there didn't seem any ...

Diamond League postpones May meetings due to coronavirus
The meets in Stockholm, Naples and Rome, and Rabat have joined the opening events in Qatar and China, which were already cancelled.

UPDATE 1-Athletics-Diamond League postpones three more events in May
March 27 (Reuters) - Diamond League events in Stockholm, Naples and Rabat that were scheduled for late May have been postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic ...