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News for Diamond

Jamal Adams to the Dallas Cowboys will be a difficult trade to pull off: NFL GM Jeff Diamond
It might be difficult for Jamal Adams to land with the Dallas Cowboys, the All-Pro safety’s desired landing spot in a trade scenario. This is the opinion of Jeff Diamond, a former NFL general manager ...

12-Carat Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Could Fetch $12 Million
The internally flawless marquise shaped, brilliant-cut blue diamond is the lead item at Christie's Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale, July 9. The sale of 147 lots includes fancy colored diamonds, ...

8% Dividend And 18% FCF Yield, 5x P/E, 50% Net Cash Make Diamond Hill An Attractive Buy
The Diamond Hill Investment Group (DHIL) is an active asset manager, with a 20-year history, close to $18bn in AUM and a value investing philosophy. The company has a range of funds, spanning ...

Comic Stores and Diamond Distributors Clash as Industry Reopens
The distribution company denies complaints it is intentionally charging more during a time retailers are getting back on their feet: “Our base shipping rates have not changed, but the landscape in ...

Tom Morello Teams Up With Shea Diamond and Dan Reynolds for 'Stand Up' Charity Song
Tom Morello has unveiled his new song "Stand Up," a high-octane collaboration with Shea Diamond, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons and The Bloody Beetroots.

Diamond Blames Publishers for Retailers' Increased Shipping Rates
As the comics industry begins to reopen amid the pandemic, Diamond is blaming publishers over retailers' concerns regarding shipping costs.

Shea Diamond, Tom Morello, Dan Reynolds & The Bloody Beetroots Call Listeners To Action In "Stand Up"
The super collab from Morello, Reynolds, Shea Diamond, and producer The Bloody Beetroots urges its listeners to take action as the U.S. strives for heightened awareness and change around systemic ...

Diamond Dawg Tales: Ty Martin walks off the Irish
The 2000 season brought Mainieri and the Fighting Irish to Starkville for an NCAA regional. Mississippi State had put together a strong season, but the Bulldogs had faltered a bit down the stretch.

Cincinnati’s newest Four Diamond hotel sets reopening date
The region's latest hotel to receive AAA's Four Diamond ranking has set a reopening date after #coronavirus closed the hotel in early April.

Search continues for Vancouver kayaker missing at Diamond Lake
The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said Jared Bruce Boria of Vancouver put his kayak into the lake late Tuesday and paddled off. Several people told deputies they heard a man in distress, but they ...

Hartford Yard Goats Offering Up “Dinner on the Diamond”
Now the Yard Goats have announced plans to make use of the field and engage with fans. It's called "Dinner on the Diamond" and will be taking place Friday, July 10 and Saturday, July 11. Social ...

Eagle County moves to ‘Black Diamond’ phase, allows gatherings up to 175 people
Eagle County Public Health and Environment says they will move into the “Black Diamond” phase on July 3, which will allow gatherings of up to 100 ...