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News for Digital Camera

Fujifilm Recalls Hundreds of Thousands of Wall Plugs Sold With Digital Cameras Nationwide Over Shock Concerns
No injuries were reported in connection with the recalled products; they were sold in stores nationwide and online at Amazon and other sites Anyone who has a recalled power adapter wall plug should stop using it immediately and contact Fujifilm for a free ...

Hasselblad's new multi-shot camera captures massive 400-megapixel images
Anyone knowledgeable in the field of photography will tell you that a digital camera’s overall quality can’t be ascertained solely by looking at its megapixel output. In the case of Hasselblad’s new shooter, however, perhaps a rare exception can be made.

Repositioning African Markets with Digital Devices
Canon, a global leader of digital cameras, through its Central and North Africa operations is seeking to reposition African markets and address their peculiar challenges in the areas of broadcasting, security and film production, writes Emma Okonji The ...

2018 camera tech trends and predictions
Enhanced image quality — but not necessarily in the megapixels Megapixels were once the defining metric of a digital camera, but consumers are realizing that there’s more to image quality than just packing as many photoreceptors as possible onto a sensor.

If you’re looking to ‘do’ digital transformation, read this first
We saw, for example, the quite sudden demise of the cathode-ray television in favour of LCD screens, or indeed that of film versus digital cameras. What we see as waves are quite often technologies passing these thresholds — so, for example, the Internet ...

Global Microscope Digital Cameras Market is Anticipated to Post a Remarkable CAGR of 9.5% over the forecast period
(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 17, 2018 ) “Microscope Digital Cameras Market: Global Historical Growth (2012-2016) & Future Outlook (2017-2024) Demand Analysis & Opportunity Evaluation” The global microscope digital cameras market is segmented into end user ...

Camcorders, Ablue 4K Ultra-HD Portable 30FPS Wifi Digital Video Camera, IR Night Vision Camcorder with Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens
Up to 38% OFF on CAMERA products from Campark sold by CamparkDirect Save Big On Mospro Refurb GoPro Hero Session 1440p Camera for $110 + free shipping Camcorders, Ablue 4K Ultra-HD Portable 30FPS Wifi Digital Video Camera, IR Night Vision Camcorder with ...

Lenovo Unveils New Digital Assistants, AR Glasses And Cameras And ThinkPads At CES 2018
Last week, I and several other members of the Moor Insights & Strategy team attended CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The premier, annual consumer electronics conference presents a great opportunity for companies to showcase their newest products and services, and I ...

Fujifilm recalls power adapter wall plugs sold with digital cameras
Details: This recall involves AC-5VF power adapter wall plugs sold with Fujifilm digital camera models XP90, XP95, XP120, XP125, X-A3 and X-A10. The digital cameras were sold in a variety of colors. The recalled wall plugs are black and are combined with a ...

digital camera back
The Polaroid Snap Digital Instant Camera in White lets you print photos as soon as you take them. This Polaroid digital camera has three filter options and a border to make your photos fun. You can’t turn flash off, and it’s extremely bright.