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The Walt Disney Co. is announcing plans to lay off 4,000 more employees largely due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ...

Disney to Lay Off 4,000 More at California, Florida Parks
The Walt Disney Co. announced plans to lay off 4,000 more workers in its theme parks division in California and Florida due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the industry ...

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What would the holidays be without a touch of Disney magic? This Black Friday you can find incredible deals on dolls, dress up and imaginary play at the Disney Store. Whether they want princess ...

Disney's unforgivably tone-deaf America-themed park: 'Feel what it was like to be a slave'
Senior Vice President Bob Weis took the stage for the official 1993 announcement of Disney's America, he was blunt. "This is not a Pollyanna view of America … We want to make you feel what it was like ...

Thousands more Disney jobs to be slashed over pandemic
The Walt Disney Co has announced plans to lay off 4,000 more workers in its theme parks division in California and Florida due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on the industry. The announcement by ...

Disney increases planned layoffs to 32,000 as virus hits park attendance
Walt Disney Co said on Wednesday it would lay off about 32,000 workers, primarily at its theme parks, an increase from the 28,000 it announced in September, as the company struggles with limited ...

Disney Increases Layoff Plans to 32,000 Employees in First Half of 2021
Disney Parks announced that it would lay off 28,000 employees, two-thirds of whom are part-time staffers, as a result of the pandemic’s affect on Disneyland and Walt Disney ...

Disney ups layoffs to 32,000 workers as Disneyland remains closed amid coronavirus
The Walt Disney Company has increased the number of employees it will layoff to 32,000 as it continues to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Presents For Disney Fans
Disney is a mainstay in joyful family entertainment, and its iconic princesses and other characters are beloved by children and adults alike. Consider these gifts for the Disney fan in your life.

Disney cuts 4,000 more jobs, blaming virus-related theme park closures
Walt Disney Co. announced an additional 4,000 job cuts after virus lockdowns forced the closing of its theme parks. The action takes the number of layoffs in the first half of fiscal 2021, mostly at ...

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This New Train Station Will Connect Disney World With the Orlando Airport and South Florida
Rail operator Brightline announced that it had reached an agreement with Walt Disney World Resort to open a new train station at Disney Springs.