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Billy Porter wore dress made from "Kinky Boots" curtain to Tony Awards
Pink tulle spilled out from underneath the embellished red dress, which was custom made for Billy Porter for the Tony Awards. The outfit was crafted from a curtain used in "Kinky Boots" ...

A Pretty Mess! Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi Wear the Same Dress to the Same Party on RHOBH
Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi have the same zip code and a similar sense of style. The reality show co-stars showed up to a dinner party wearing identical Rotate Birger Christensen pink jacquard blazer ...

Disney star Debby Ryan secretly got married and wore a classic princess dress
Debby Ryan and Joshua Dun are officially married. You have to see pictures of her classic wedding dress and *two* reception dresses.

How To Dress Like Kate Middleton For A Zoom Call, Bc The Royal Has Virtual Style Sorted
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This Adjustable Beach Dress Is Your New Summer Staple
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Astronauts perform one last dress rehearsal for big SpaceX launch next week
Astronauts Bob Behnken (right) and Doug Hurley walk out of their Astronaut Crew Quarters to take a Tesla Model X to NASA's Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 23, 2020 during ...

Melania Trump Wears Champagne Dress and Yellow Pumps to Celebrate 2020 Grads
She opted for a sleeveless, midi-length dress in a toasted champagne color with a visible sheen. As for footwear, the former model paired the simple ensemble with vibrant yellow stiletto pumps. The ...

Former Disney Star Debby Ryan Secretly Got Married In A Fairytale Dress
Former Jessie and Descendants star Debby Ryan may be all grown up and getting married, but it’s nice to see she’s sticking to her Disney roots. That is, the actress “secretly” got married and this ...

This Disney Actress's Second Wedding Dress Came With a Pair of Lace Biker Shorts and Her Mother's Veil
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Geri Horner made her iconic Spice Girls Union Jack dress with a tea towel
Geri Horner made her iconic Union Jack dress from a tea towel. Geri made headline in 1997 thanks to the bold, short dress she wore for the Spice Girls performance at the Brits that year. Back when she ...