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Kim Kardashian Says Daughter Chicago, 2½, 'Likes to Dress Up Like a Princess Every Day'
Chicago recently joined mom Kim Kardashian West, dad Kanye West and her three siblings on a family vacation to the Dominican Republic ...

Dress code for these N.J. students now includes their face masks. No patterns allowed.
A school district in Camden County with a student dress code is adding a style directive for face coverings. Masks worn by students in Winslow Township “should be a solid color with no writings or ...

Dress a chicken tartine with summer produce and ripe cheese, and dinner is done
I lightly toasted thick slices of bread, spread each with cheese and layered sliced chicken and peaches on top. Then, I broiled the stacks until the peaches softened and the edges of the bread crisped ...

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Another day, another photo shoot for Bella Hadid, who looks like a ’70s dream in the new Fall 2020 Michael Kors campaign!

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ET’s Nischelle Turner video chatted with ‘Finding Freedom’ co-author Omid Scobie, about all the books’ Meghan and Harry revelations.

Veterans home, online dress code, mask counting: News from around our 50 states
The department said in a news release that only 12% of child care providers were open for business in March because of the pandemic. The department said reopening is a positive sign for parents. “This ...