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News for Dress

Female service member pairs $700 heels with dress blues, causing the internet to implode
A female service member wore Christian Louboutins with her dress blues, prompting a strong reaction from military Twitter.

A Sai Ta: 'It was never really about a pretty dress'
Asai has been recognized for its statement-making pieces, winning celebrity fans including Rihanna. But the cult label has a bigger mission: to use fashion as a means for change.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Harry Styles Over Vogue Dress: 'It Looks Wonderful'
Cortez has come out in support of Harry Styles amid his Vogue cover controversy and said that his dress was "wonderful." She also said that the cover looked absolutely "bomb." ...

Sophie Monk looks sensational in a skintight denim dress for petrol stop
Sophie Monk didn't disappoint on Saturday as she rocked up to a petrol station in a skintight denim dress which highlighted her fabulous figure ...

Holly Willoughby's floral midi dress is in the Ghost Black Friday sale
Holly Willoughby looked gorgeous hosting This Morning in a pilgrim style tea dress from Ghost on Tuesday(24 November). The brand's recent launch on M&S sold out pretty fast, but luckily there are ...

Tyra Banks’ ‘Dancing with the Stars’ finale dress compared to cleaning products on Twitter
I don’t know who designed that dress, but Tyra Banks blue dress looks like an SOS scouring pad,” one Twitter user wrote.

Lorraine Kelly's vibrant purple dress is in Phase Eight's Black Friday Sale
Lorraine Kelly went bright and bold for Tuesday's (24 November) outfit choice, hosting her show in a gorgeous black purple dress from Phase Eight. Fans of the look will be pleased to find out it's in ...

Male protester in a dress and carrying a whip arrested for assault
A protester described by police as wearing a “tie-dye dress with a crown on top of his head” while carrying “a whip on his wrist” was arrested over the weekend outside the ...

Twitter Roasts Tyra Banks & Compares Her ‘DWTS’ Finale Dress to a Loofah
Each week on Dancing With the Stars season 29, new host Tyra Banks has surprised viewers with her eclectic outfits and odd fashion choices. For the season finale, Banks' look drew criticism from fans ...

ChangeMakers: Adrienne Benjamin, a master jingle dress maker, artist and activist
Adrienne Benjamin is a master jingle dress maker living on the Mille Lacs Reservation. She is also a jingle dress dancer, inspired by her great-grandmother Hannah. Guided by her mentors, teachers, ...

AOC defends Harry Styles’ Vogue dress-wearing: ‘It looks wonderful’
Cortez of Harry Styles’ Vogue cover, in which the pop star wears a dress. The “Cherry” singer, 26, recently received backlash for wearing a ballgown in his shoot for Vogue’s December cover story.

AOC praises Harry Styles for donning dress on Vogue cover
His decision to do so while wearing a dress has sparked much debate on social media about changing perceptions of masculinity. While many liberals celebrated the December 2020 cover, some ...