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News for Drinking

I quit alcohol after 16 years of drinking. It's hard, but I'm a much better mom now.
The author shares how after 16 years of binge drinking on the weekends, she realized something had to change for her child's safety.

Hey, Health Coach: How Can I Reduce My Drinking After Work?
I have found myself drinking more over the course of the pandemic to cope with stress. At first, alcohol felt like an indulgence and a way to wind down and fall asleep at night, but now it’s leading ...

Mizzou students slam officials for lax oversight following fraternity drinking incident
Students at the University of Missouri said Thursday that a freshman's hospitalization after a fraternity party, following a spate of reports about drugged drinks, has left them feeling unsafe. The ...

10 ways drinking tea can improve your health — here’s what to try
Drinking tea has many health benefits. Here's how a daily cup (or two!) can be good for you, along with healthy teas you should try.

Drinking diet soda may ramp up cravings for high-calorie food, new study finds
Diet soda may help you cut calories immediately, but evidence suggests that it could cause you to crave more sweet, high-calorie food, study finds.

Drinking Starts Early At Party Hosted By Adam Neumann To Celebrate WeWork IPO
Forbes estimates the ousted cofounder’s worth to be $1.6 billion on the back of WeWork’s trading debut Thursday, joining the ranks of billionaires for the first time since 2019.

Jackson and state leaders face lawsuit over lead in city’s drinking water
Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba and a prominent attorney traded jabs over a looming lawsuit about the city’s water system. The city is being sued by people ...

Drinking Ketones Daily: 10-Day Drink Ketones Challenge Is the Quickest, Easiest Way to Experience Ketosis in Body and Mind
Did you know that you can give your body and mind the experience of ketosis by simply drinking ketones?  Bill and Erica ...

Capito talks with WV press about voting rights bill, earmarks, drinking water, filibuster
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito met with members of the West Virginia press on Thursday to talk about the federal elections bill, inflation, clean drinking water, […] ...

Lead in drinking water exceeds state ‘action level’ in Manchester
MANCHESTER, MI - Seven homes out of a sample of 19 tested in Manchester exceeded a state action limit for lead levels in drinking water, triggering a public advisory from officials early this week.

Manure makes drinking water? An unlikely solution to a global crisis
Inspiration struck Yi Zheng on a summer visit to a local dairy farm. There were cows and horses and, Zheng noticed, that meant that there was manure everywhere.

Alzheimer’s Whisperer: Why drinking (water) is good for dementia
Dehydration symptoms such as confusion and fatigue are the same as those of dementia, so are easy to miss. Here’s how to fix that.