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News for Drums

Nasarawa Rolls out Drums for NWFL Season Opener
Football fans and stakeholders coming to Lafia for the opening game of the Nigeria Women Professional Football League (NWFL) have been assured of a convivial atmosphere to enjoy the game between hosts, Nasarawa Amazons and Robo FC of Lagos. The Nasarawa ...

Los Alamos lab finishes treating drums of radioactive waste
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have finished treating more than two dozen drums of waste containing some of the same ingredients that caused a 2014 radiation release at the federal government's underground repository, the U ...

Kenosha Area Pipes and Drums hit the road
The Kenosha Area Pipes and Drums took to the road Saturday for its annual series of performances through the area. The group visited about a dozen bars and restaurant, performing traditional favorites in advance of St. Patrick’s Day. The group will be ...

North Bay business briefs: Summit State Bank, Drums & Crumbs, Hennessy Funds, SMART
Send Business Brief items to news@busjrnl.com. Summit State Bank (Nasdaq: SSBI) delivered 165 checks totaling more than $277,694, or 8.4 percent of its net profit after taxes, to its nonprofit customers through its Nonprofit Partner Program, the bank ...

Nintendo Switch May Support Donkey Kong Drums
So far, the Nintendo Switch has managed to successfully release a ton of ports from recent Nintendo consoles without supporting old versions of any software or hardware. Gamers have been onboard enough to repurchase games and build a new arsenal of (fairly ...

Snapshots: Pipe & drums schedule, parent-teacher conferences and more
ANACONDA — For more than 30 years, the Anaconda AOH Pipes & Drums has marched in both the Butte and Anaconda St. Patrick’s Day parades. This year is no different. The group will be playing in Butte and Anaconda on Friday-Saturday, March 16-17.

Video: Charlie Benante Explains How to Make Your Drums Sound like Anthrax's
As the drummer for thrash metal icons Anthrax, Charlie Benante is well known for his speed, clarity, and pummeling attack. Benante was one of the first players to popularize thrash metal techniques like the use of double kicks and blast beats. A lesser ...

Winchester Pipes & Drums to perform at area restaurants, bar
WINCHESTER — The Winchester Pipes & Drums will participate in its 15th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pub Tour by playing at various restaurants and bars on Saturday. Support the group by tossing a wee bit of cash into the collection buckets.

Pipes and Drums draw crowds on St. Patrick's Day
On St. Patrick’s Day the pipes, the pipes were calling — and local residents flocked to local establishments to answer. Local first responders who are part of Greenville Public Safety Pipes and Drums performed at local taverns, doing a “drive by ...

Q&A: Drums and fitness go together at new business
Garett Heinz, founder of Aberdeen Drum Studio and co-founder with Creative Life Tempo, answered the following questions. Question: Tell us about your business. Answer: I help people with their health and wellness and also offer creative outlets through ...