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News for Drums

The Weekly interview: Jonny Pierce, leader of The Drums
The Drums are marching on. Even as the band has downsized from four members to one in the span of five years, frontman Jonny Pierce has kept his indie pop-parade going by fusing melodic, upbeat instrumentation with melancholy lyrics. He has written the ...

Georgia drums Auburn for SEC championship, rests College Football Playoff case
ATLANTA — Somehow, this opaque 41-year-old head coach with the barbed-wire team looked suddenly and slightly like some warm symphony conductor. At the end of his blur of a victory tour around Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday, after his blur of a two ...

Lindsey Graham is beating the war drums on North Korea
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is adamant that war with North Korea is becoming more likely every day. "If nothing changes, [President] Trump's gonna have to use the military option, because time is running out," Graham told The Atlantic on Thursday.

Why The Drums' Jonny Pierce Took Creative Control
The Drums formed in 2008, the result of a concept between two longtime friends and sometime musical collaborators, Jonathan “Jonny” Pierce and Jacob Graham. Previously, they had released one album in 2005 with their project Elkland. To kick The Drums ...

Soon, amputees will be able to play piano and drums thanks to this sensor
A bionic hand with prosthetic fingers developed by US researchers has helped Jason Barnes, a musician who lost part of his right arm five years ago, to play the piano and drums with ease. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have created an ...

Marching with the Fife and Drums
High school students from the "Mountain Fifes and Drums," of Lake Arrowhead California, march with Soldiers from the 63rd Regional Support Command's Colonial Color Guard team during the 2017 Christmas parade in Covina California. Through explanations of ...

Drums woman accused of murder for hire
Hazleton police took a Drums woman into custody mid morning today in what they say is a murder for hire plot. Agnes Marsicano, 62, was taken into custody by First Lt. Kenneth Zipovsky and Det. Sgt. William Gallagher for the first degree felony of criminal ...

How Bearing Edges Affect the Sound of Your Drums
Over the years, I have helped hundreds of drummers with their drum set purchases, but not one has ever asked me about bearing edges. The bearing edge—the bevelled rim of a drum’s shell—is the only place where the head meets the body of the drum.

Watch this high tech prosthetic arm help a musician play the piano and drums again
Prosthetics are becoming increasingly sophisticated, thanks to breakthroughs in science. Humanity has officially progressed from the iron-clad, sword-gripping prosthetics of the 1500s to robotic hands that can give a musician the chance to play instruments ...

The Drums Return To Houston Revitalized and Refreshed
For anyone who has followed the storied career of The Drums, they should be used to highs and lows. With a lineup that's changed several times, singer and founder Johnny Pierce has had to reinvent what the group looks and sounds like multiple times.