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Steven Van Zandt Preps New Version of ‘RockNRoll Rebel’ Box Set with Rare Concert Films
Little Steven is prepping a new CD/DVD version of his RockNRoll Rebel box set that will feature three rare concert films. RockNRoll Rebel was originally released last December, a seven-LP/four-CD set ...

The 5 Best Box Office Bombs Coming To HBO Max In July
From underrated video game movies to under-seen YA romances, here are the very best flops heading to HBO Max next month.

Radial ProAV2 MultiMedia DI Box - Ships FREE lower 48 States!
The Radial ProAV2 passive 2-channel multimedia direct box employs custom-wound transformers to interface ... Connect the 1/8" stereo output from your laptop, the RCA outputs from a CD or DVD player, ...

More Customers Complain They Didn’t Get Electronics Fixed Or Money Back At Edwards TV Service In Gary
A Gary man said a TV repair service has held onto his DVD player and his money for months, so he is taking his complaint to the State of Indiana.

Little Steven re-issues box set for July release
Little Steven is taking another crack at his “RockNRoll Rebel” box set. Originally released in December, the set came out in an LP/CD configuration. The new version is formatted as a CD/DVD set that ...

Little Steven Releases Comprehensive 13-Disc Solo Career Box Set Filled With Rarities, Videos And More
Little Steven fans are in for a big treat as the motherload of the E Street Band guitarist’s solo work is set for physical CD/DVD release next month.

Little Steven To Release "RockNRoll Rebel - The Early Work" Box Set
The 13-disc set collects all of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s solo records between 1982 and 1999, including newly remastered editions of six classic albums: Men Without Women (1982), Voice Of ...

CD/DVD version of Little Steven's 'RockNRoll Rebel -- The Early Work' box set due in late July
E Street Band guitarist "Little Steven" Van Zandt will release a 10-CD/three-DVD version of his massive RockNRoll Rebel -- The Early Work box set on July 31 exclusively at uDiscoverMusic.com.

Elida Reyna gives fans a sneak peek of live concert DVD
Two time Latin Grammy award winning Elida Reyna just released the world premere of "Prefiero Morir" and the live medley of "Adicta." This live concert was filmed during Elida's 25th Anniversary ...

Warner Bros. Unveils Superman: Man of Tomorrow Box Art and Release Date
Warner Bros. also released the list of special features; which is produced below: Movie trailers for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, and Superman: Red ...

Prince ‘Sign O the Times’ to get box set treatment
Prince fans have something to look forward to in the fall with the announcement of a box set scheduled for September release. “Sign O the Times” will be re-released on Sept. 25, 2021 in three ...