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DW DWCP3002 Double Bass Pedal Drum Pedal
We will ship with tracking to the listed regions. To negotiate shipping rates to other locations, please send us a message. We automatically apply Reverb Shipping Protection on all qualifying items, ...

Young inventor helps Ethiopia's COVID-19 crisis
One of them, Ezedine Kamil, has told DW how a lack of funding prevents his ... which could also be operated using a mechanical pedal during power blackouts — common occurrences in Ethiopia.

DW Accessories : Control Beater - (Comes With Direct Drive Pedals)
To help us to provide the best and most consistent service to all our customers, we ask that you please review the following policies to understand how they pertain to your order. Domestic Shipping ...

Red Witch unleashes its most ambitious fuzz pedal with the Seraphina
If the Seraphina fuzz octave up pedal sounds as good as it looks we're onto a winner here – and New Zealand's Red Witch Pedals have gone all out to make sure it delivers. By the company's own ...

Uzbeks Pedal Incredible Lengths to Meet Hero Kahn
Two fanatical football fans completed a remarkable 6,500 kilometers bike journey from Uzbekistan to Berlin to get the autograph of their hero, German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. Kahn might sometimes ...

Going Viral: Day 54 under COVID-19 lockdown
Like millions of others around the world, Gulf News Mick O’Reilly is currently under Covid-19 lockdown. This is what life is like in social isolation in Ireland, where there are strict rules about who ...

Tommy Lee returns to playing DW Drums
Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee has rejoined the DW Drums artist roster, endorsing DW drums, pedals and hardware. DW made the announcement today, marking the return of one of the company’s earliest adopters.

2019 Pivot Swithblade Pro XT/XTR 29
Pedals not included. Feel free to ask for more pics. I would prefer to sell locally but with ship anywhere in N America at buyer expense. Frame Switchblade full carbon, dw-link, Cable Port System ...

Here's what happened when I reviewed the fitness craze Peloton bike that celebs swear by
If, like me, you are really starting to make the most of the at-home workout, and don't feel comfortable boldly cycling the city streets, a Peloton bike will be music to your ears. Peloton is the home ...

Young inventor helps Ethiopia's COVID-19 crisis
Inventors in Ethiopia have been developing devices and gadgets to combat COVID-19. One of them, Ezedine Kamil, has told DW how a lack of funding prevents his designs from fully benefitting local ...