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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s production company completes Hitler film
Two days after a firestorm erupted over Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic posts on Instagram, team owner Jeffrey Lurie’s production company announced the completion of ...

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s production company announces completion of debut documentary “The Meaning of Hitler”
Semitic posts prompted a national controversy, team owner Jeffrey Lurie’s film company on Thursday announced the completion of its initial documentary: The Meaning of Hitler. The film, produced by ...

Eagles' Malik Jackson Defends DeSean Jackson, Calls Louis Farrakhan 'Honorable'
Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Malik Jackson defended teammate DeSean Jackson while praising Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after Jackson posted anti-Semitic ...

The Eagles all-time team: Plenty of great tight ends
In the next few weeks, we will be unveiling our all-time Eagles team. Today, a tough choice on the greatest TE.

Pa. cases are trending upward; Eagles lineman blasts the NFL’s plan to return; Delco plans to crack down on bars and restaurants
The seven-day average of new coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania has remained above 500 new cases per day for 15 straight days.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson sparks backlash with anti-Semitic comments
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson ignited controversy by sharing anti-Semitic comments on social media this week. Jackson posted a quote on his Instagram Story on Monday which was ...

Ex-NBA star Stephen Jackson claims Eagles threatened to cut DeSean Jackson over anti-Semitic social media posts
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is in hot water following a string of social media posts quoting anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Stephen Jackson Claims Eagles Were Ready to Cut DeSean Jackson
Former NBA star Stephen Jackson claims the Eagles were ready to release DeSean Jackson in the wake of the latter’s anti-Semitic Instagram posts over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Stephen Jackson ...

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie's documentary film company finishes 'The Meaning of Hitler'
Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie's documentary film company announced Thursday the completion of its inaugural project, "The Meaning of Hitler." Lurie is an executive producer on the film.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s production company announces completion of ‘The Meaning of Hitler’ project
Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie will executive produce "The Meaning of Hitler" with his new production company, Play/Action Pictures. The announcement comes just days after wide receiver ...

Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie's Production Company Completes 'The Meaning of Hitler' Documentary
Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie's production company, Play/Action Pictures, has finished its inaugural project "The Meaning of Hitler." ...

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie's production company announces film project: 'The Meaning Of Hitler'
The timing of Lurie's film project is interesting, considering his wide receiver's recent social media comments.