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News for Earphones

Brainwavz S0 IEM Noise Isolating Earphones
A new pair of noise isolating earphones has been launched by Brainwavz this week in the form of the Brainwavz S0 IEM which are now available to purchase priced under $50. Brainwavz Now offers a range of over 25 different earphones and headphones together ...

Buying a Pair of Bluetooth Earphones Gave me a Headache
Last week, after realizing living the dongle life is not worth the effort anymore, I decided to finally invest in a pair of Bluetooth earphones. I have reviewed a handful of them in the past, hence I wasn’t completely new to the notion of going wireless.

DODOCOOL discounts these earphones with up to 52% (Promoted)
On the market for a new pair of earphones? Well then you might want to take a look at DODOCOOL’s latest set of deals. Four pairs of DODOCOOL audio accessories are currently available with a discount on Amazon, and you’ll be able to shave up to 52% off.

Do Anker's Zolo Liberty earphones measure up to the AirPods?
Anker's better known for its mobile battery accessories but lately it's been making a serious push into the headphone market. These are it's totally wireless AirPods competitors, the Zolo Liberty and Zolo Liberty Plus. They retail for $100 and $150 ...

Ambrane India announces new earphones EP-40 & EP-50
Ambrane India has introduced two new earphones – EP-40 & EP-50 – with smart and stylish features. Both earphones offer light-in-weight ear-pins that promise to create “a super secure fit”. The speakers inside the ear-phones have a 3.5mm stereo plug ...

PLUGZ: The wireless, bluetooth earphones
People are strange. Even stranger is the internet. So, you can imagine that when the two get together they go as far as to render the rational, irrational and the sound of mind, insane. In this sense, you’ve really got to feel for tech companies who base ...

Earphones and Headphones Market - Competitive Hierarchy Of Industry by 2025
Headphones are a pair of two simple speakers attached to a band that goes across the wearer’s head in such a manner that the speakers are positioned over the ears. This delivers a personal, immersive listening experience directly into the ears.

Ambrane India Introduces Its Newest Extra Bass In-Ear Earphones – EP-40 & EP-50
Both EP-40 and EP-50 feature smart and stylish look with impressive features. The earphones offer incredibly comfortable and light in weight ear-pins that create a super secure fit. The speakers inside the ear-phones with 3.5mm stereo plug have been ...

dodocool DA36 High Quality HIFI In-Ear Headphones Launched
Finding the right pair of earphones isn’t an easy task as you’ve to take into consideration various factors: build quality, sound quality and price. dodocool products usually come with a great combination of those, so the latest dodocool DA36 in-ear ...