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News for Earphones

It’s 2018. Bone Conduction Earphones still suck.
“No Bass, No Good” said a skeptic as he walked away from the stall that was displaying earphones sporting bone-conduction technology at CES Asia 2018. Bone conduction earphones work without sitting inside your ear. Instead, they rest in front of your ...

Bringing Sustainability to Summer Listening and Travel-Ready Tech with Uprise Wireless Earphones Launch from House of Marley
Announcing the Uprise wireless Bluetooth® earphones, the newest addition to House of Marley's earth-friendly audio collection designed using wood-fiber plastic composite and recyclable aluminum. LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Elevate your ...

Shure's New Electrostatic Earphones Bring Audiophile Performance At A Breakthrough Price
In the world of headphones there is most definitely a hierarchy of technologies. The overwhelming majority of headphones on the market use dynamic drivers with moving coils. These are efficient and mostly inexpensive. They work well and can range from a ...

Earphones and Headphones Market Competitive Insights 2017- 2025
Headphones are a pair of two simple speakers attached to a band that goes across the wearer’s head in such a manner that the speakers are positioned over the ears. This delivers a personal, immersive listening experience directly into the ears.

Sbode Sport earphones are back, at a lower price
A few weeks ago I wrote about the recent influx of questions regarding Sbode Sport Bluetooth earphones, which had disappeared from Amazon to the dismay of potential buyers. I praised the earphones for their comfort, fit and great sound, all for only $23.99.

Sony's latest truly wireless earphones are its best yet
We've seen a lot of new truly wireless earphones at the market in 2018, and this is Sony's latest the WFSP 700N which retails for $180. And comes in four different color options. It's essentially the sports version of Sony's WUF 1000X. And like that model ...

Deal: Buy an Essential Phone and get the $99 Earphones HD for free
Although the Essential Phone got off to a rough start, it's a far better smartphone now than it was when it first launched. If you're still hesitant about picking one up, Essential's sweetening the deal by including a free pair of its Essential Earphones ...

Anker Bluetooth Earphones Discounted Ahead of Father's Day [Deal]
Anker has discounted the ZOLO Liberty True Wireless Earphones and Soundcore Spirit X Sports Earphones as its Deal of the Day. Here's a look at the two headphones on sale... Liberty are one of the first total-wireless earphones to utilize graphene-enhanced ...