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News for Egypt

Egypt upholds detention of researcher Patrick George Zaki
A court in Egypt has rejected a researcher's appeal to be released from detention, according to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), in a case that has sparked alarm among human rights ...

Egypt upholds detention of student critical of el-Sissi
Egypt outlawed all unauthorized protests in 2013, months after el-Sissi, then defense minister, led the military’s removal of the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi.

UK man arrested in Egypt for 'pat on the back' is released
Charges against Tony Camoccio are dismissed for lack of evidence ...

Tony Camoccio: British man arrested in Egypt released
A British man detained in Egypt after reportedly patting a security guard on the back has been released. Tony Camoccio, 51, feared he would be falsely accused of sexual assault after the incident at ...

Ex-minister's brother jailed for smuggling Egypt antiquities
A Cairo criminal court sentenced the brother of a former Egyptian finance minister to 30 years in jail on Saturday for smuggling antiquities out of the country, a judicial source said. Raouf Ghali, ...

Egypt Case; Beijing Tells Returnees to Stay Home: Virus Update
U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said American experts are waiting for final clearance to travel to China and help fight the outbreak. Egypt confirmed its first case of the virus.

Giulio Regeni’s parents urge Italy to help student held in Egypt
Human rights activist Patrick Zaky had been studying at the University of Bologna ...

Mohamed Salah: Tokyo 2020 decision with Liverpool and forward, says Egypt boss
Mohamed Salah's potential involvement at Tokyo 2020 will be a decision for the player and his club Liverpool, says Egypt coach Shawky Gharib. The forward, 27, is on Egypt's provisional 50-man list for ...

Egypt will ask Mohamed Salah to play at Olympics
Mohamed Salah will be asked to represent Egypt at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the summer, raising the possibility of him missing two chunks of Liverpool’s season. The forward is wanted as one of ...

Egypt confirms coronavirus case, the first in Africa
Egypt has confirmed its first case of a deadly coronavirus that emerged in central China at the end of last year and has since spread to more than two dozen countries around the world. Health Ministry ...

Liverpool will decide on Salah and Olympics - Egypt coach
Mohamed Salah's potential involvement for his country in the Tokyo Olympic Games will be a decision for the player and his club Liverpool, Egypt's Olympic coach told Reuters on Wednesday. Media ...