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News for Egypt

Egypt's central banks cuts interest rates by 50 bps - statement
Egypt’s central bank said on Thursday it cut its key overnight interest rates by 50 basis points. It set the lending rate at 9.75% and the deposit rate at 8.75%, it said in a statement published on ...

Egypt puts burden on Turkey to open talks
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has toned down his rhetoric on Egypt in light of the tensions between the two countries, against the backdrop of the recent development in the eastern ...

Tampa woman opens new fragrance business with oils shipped from Egypt
A backpacking adventure around the world led a Tampa woman to find a papyrus oil in Egypt that would change her life.

Probe of gang rape case that shocked Egypt ensnares many
An announcement last month that Egypt's top prosecutor would investigate an alleged 2014 gang rape of a 17-year-old girl at a luxury Cairo hotel marked a rare moment of triumph for human rights ...

Could Egypt's #MeToo movement be the tinder for a 'feminist revolution'?
Egypt's burgeoning #MeToo movement has exposed sexual assaults, spurred legal reform and emboldened hundreds of abuse victims including celebrities to speak out, sparking a long-overdue debate about ...

7 dead in botched Egypt prison break
Egypt held military funerals Thursday for three policemen killed as they prevented four convicts on death row from escaping a notorious Cairo prison. The four men convicted to hang on terror charges ...

'Be prepared': With water scarcer, Egypt pushes farmers to use much less
With water scarcer, Egypt pushes farmers to use much less . Hassan Abdel Salam knew he was wasting a lot of water every time he flooded ...

No Budging on Egypt Rates as Capital Returns: Decision Day Guide
The slowest Egyptian inflation in nearly a year probably won’t prompt an interest-rate cut Thursday, as the central bank seeks to maintain the attractive yields that brought back billions of dollars ...

Palestinian Muslim Pilgrims Crossed Into Egypt on Their Way to Saudi Arabia
Travelers at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt receive the H1N1 flu vaccination as Palestinian Muslim pilgrims travel on their annual pilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Mecca, on November 6, ...

Archaeologists unearth 27 coffins at Egypt's Saqqara pyramid
Egypt says archaeologists have unearthed more than two dozen ancient coffins in a vast necropolis south of Cairo ...

More than two dozen 2,500-year-old sarcophagi discovered at ancient site in Egypt
Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered more than two dozen ancient sarcophagi. In a Sept. 19 Facebook post, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities explained that the sarcophagi were found during ...

Egypt and UAE push to be 'pillars of stability' in Middle East
Cairo calls for end to “dismantling states” in the region at the UN and signs on to the EastMed gas agreement.