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News for Eh Holden

Welcome to the new interactive game any NRL fan can play
REMEMBER those long road trips you used to take with your family in the EH Holden? Remember how your dad used to come out of the Golden Fleece petrol station after filling up with two dollars’ worth of super and say, “Here you go kids. This’ll keep ...

Beyond exclusive: Go behind the scenes of Holden's underwater journey from 'F.G.B'
Bet you wish you weren't such a doof when Holden had to quit the warehouse now, eh, Tom? All of this love and understanding, and all of it coming from the last place we thought it would come from. Even death can't keep Pastor Ian from creeping — who ...

Classic cars set to shine in weekend events
On Saturday, the Western Victoria Holden Car Club will hold its 7th annual show’n ... The show’n’shine, which runs between 10am and 2pm, will include a 1964 EH wagon and Brad Hodges’ 1979 HZ that he has been restoring for about 20 years.

Why my dream car is 53 years old
Actor and comedian Shane Jacobson ... EH, one of many Holdens in his collection — which includes the Kingswood he and Paul Hogan drove across Australia in the movie Charlie and Boots. “My dream car always has been and always will be an EH Holden, ...

As the sun sets over Holden, let's celebrate northern Adelaide
On Friday 20 October, the end of shift siren at Holden will sound for the final time ... As the production line in Elizabeth winds down for the very last time, tune in to ABC Radio Adelaide to stay informed and up to date on this historic day.

Holden is encouraging owners of some of Australia's most classic and iconic car models to register for the Holden Dream Cruise including FJ, EH, HD, Kingswood, Torana, Monaro, Sandman, Commodore and the Holden Ute. The Holden Dream Cruise - which is ...

Outback adventure for EH Holden, its owner and a teddy bear
A 1964 Holden EH Special wagon that has been around the clock several times and has been driven the length and breadth of our large country will take one more trek to fill in an untravelled gap. In 1983, Redcliffe’s David Lergessner bought back the ...

Featured Classic: Mazda Cosmo 110S
But with a proposed retail price around 25 per cent more than the then-new EH-series Holden sedan, it never sold in local showrooms. By its own admission, Mazda Australia admits the history of its cherished Cosmo is a little vague. After the business case ...