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News for Eh Holden

50 Years of Holden Wagon:Calais V Sportwagon v EH Holden Special Station Sedan
The humble station wagon has been the cornerstone of Australian family transport for over half a century. But sadly production of this too is due to cease in a few years time, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to wind the clock back 50 years and ...

Holden history sparkles before lights go out
Holden enthusiasts driving a range of different models and makes including the famous Kingswood, Commodore, EH Holden, Monaro and Torana will be part of the 11km parade which will travel past the Holden factory on Philip Highway just five days before ...

Why my dream car is 53 years old
Actor and comedian Shane Jacobson ... EH, one of many Holdens in his collection — which includes the Kingswood he and Paul Hogan drove across Australia in the movie Charlie and Boots. “My dream car always has been and always will be an EH Holden, ...

Fire engulfs ute: Driver thanks good samaritans
A MELBOURNE man forced to watch his prized EH Holden ute burn at Serpentine has been overwhelmed by the generosity of locals. Ian McFarlane was driving to pick up his brother in Lalbert on Monday when he decided to stop for a break in Serpentine and ...

Ant McPartlin beams after divorce announcement as he reunites with Britain’s Got Talent team
Ant joined his co-host Declan Donnelly, and judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams for ... Another hard day at the office, eh? Day 1 of @BGT 2018. Just time for a quick visit to our wax models at @MadameTussauds!

Holden factory shutdown is truly an Aussie tragedy
I’ve also driven everything from the original 48-215, through the EH and GTR-X - which was only ever a concept car - to the first Commodore and the Camira and beyond. Every single homegrown Holden has had one thing in common. Honesty. Holdens have not ...

Outback adventure for EH Holden, its owner and a teddy bear
A 1964 Holden EH Special wagon that has been around the clock several times and has been driven the length and breadth of our large country will take one more trek to fill in an untravelled gap. In 1983, Redcliffe’s David Lergessner bought back the ...

Museum to mark 50th anniversary of golden Holden
WORD of a powerful motor and a sleek new design contributed to the success of the EH Holden long before it hit the streets. Fifty years later, the car still holds its appeal. Car lovers from around the state are convening throughout the month to celebrate ...

Amanda Holden: BGT prank “could have been a career ender”
Who doesn’t love a prank, eh? Well, Amanda Holden didn’t much appreciate being told by Simon Cowell she’d been benched as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, moments before she had to walk the red carpet and take questions from the press.

Golden milestone for Holden’s classic EH model
THEY were arguably the most loved cars of their time and today some of the state’s most impressive EH Holdens will be on display on Parliament House lawns. More than 30 of the classic vehicles will be on show from 10am-3pm by the EH Holden Car Club of ...