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The Expanse: ‘Intransigence’ Takes Everyone Into The Ring – Review
Given that Holden, Alex and Amos are in grave peril, the timing is fairly perfect. Funny how that works, eh? So, Holden goes for a spacewalk on the advice of the suddenly-returned Miller. Looks like he’s headed to that little piece of rock (or whatever ...

Police seek help to find Tassie man’s treasured EH Holden wagon
UPDATE: No news on Chris Sims’ treasured EH Holden has come to the surface, with the sentimental car still missing. The light green Holden wagon has been missing for around two weeks now after it was stolen from Mr Sims’ father’s Underwood property ...

Why my dream car is 53 years old
“My dream car always has been and always will be an EH Holden,” he says. “ Is it the best car I’ve ever driven? No. Is it the fastest car I’ve ever driven? Most certainly not. Is it the best handling car I’ve ever driven? Absolutely no

Outback adventure for EH Holden, its owner and a teddy bear
A 1964 Holden EH Special wagon that has been around the clock several times and has been driven the length and breadth of our large country will take one more trek to fill in an untravelled gap. In 1983, Redcliffe’s David Lergessner bought back the ...

Incredible colourised photos of Holden in South Australia given new life
It was the founding of an Australian legend, a legend that included motoring icons like the FJ, the EH, the Monaro and the Commodore. J.A. Holden could have never envisaged that he was laying the foundation for a revolution that would put the motor car ...

Man’s classic EH Holden stolen from Drysdale panel beater
A CLASSIC car was stolen from a Bellarine Peninsula panel beater where it was booked in to be resprayed. After buying the car of his dreams earlier this year, Ocean Grove man Scott Cooper had just started restoring his aqua blue 1963 EH Holden station wagon.

Police offer $5000 reward for the recovery of Tassie man’s treasured EH Holden wagon
POLICE are offering a sizeable reward for the return of a prized 1964 EH Holden which was stolen more than two months ago. Chris Sims’ treasured light green Holden wagon hasn’t been seen since it went missing from his father’s Underwood property ...

Britain’s Got Talent 2019: Everything you need to know
There’s something about the theatre element. David Walliams, Anthony McPartlin, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Declan Donnelly and Alesha Dixon at Britain’s Got Talent auditions in 2018 (Getty, EH) “So whenever we do the live shows in a studio ...

The Renee Question: ‘The Americans’ Cast Shares Their Thoughts on the Finale Cliffhanger
But one question reigns supreme: Is Renee (Laurie Holden) a Russian spy or just a good wife who ... We’re just going to go with: ‘Eh. All right.’? That’s one of the [reasons] I’m angry the show doesn’t have another season: I want to know ...

I’m a celeb ... let me shed some lard: the realistic corrective to Love Island perfection
Not so dreadful, eh? But allowing of improvement ... The central question remains whether Renee (Laurie Holden, below) was actually a spy, or just a loyal wife. Big Sky, Big Dreams, Big Art: Made in the USA - BBC iPlayer Waldemar Januszczak dons his ...