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Elvis Presley: Mysterious item found hidden in Graceland drawer left expert baffled
Graceland's drawers house treasure troves of items, with some remaining in place since Elvis Presley's death in 1977.

Elvis Presley’s Wild Reaction to Fans’ Lipstick Messages of Love on His White BMW
Elvis Presley had a wild reaction when fans wrote lipstick messages of love on his chalk-white BMW paint, he fixed the problem in this way.

Elvis Presley's emotional live performance leaves Austin Butler in tears every time
It's one of Elvis Presley's last ever recorded shows, and it inspired Austin Butler to audition for the Elvis biopic.

‘Elvis’ Star Austin Butler On How Playing The King Helped Him Change His Priorities And Led To “Looking Back On My Own Life”
Word of Austin Butler’s steadfast work ethic was already becoming known in Hollywood before the 31-year-old actor played Elvis Presley. But in taking on the part of a lifetime, in Baz Lurhmann’s ...

Elvis Ending Explained (In Detail)
Baz Luhrmann's Elvis biopic ends before Elvis Presley's death, instead finishing with The King's Unchained Melody performance in Vegas. Here's why.

Austin Butler’s Full Concert Performance as Elvis Presley Will Be Released, Baz Luhrmann Promises
That Doesn't Justify What He Did Offstage Baz Luhrmann and Bombay Sapphire Want You (Yes, You) to See Something, and Make Something During the shooting of the film, Luhrmann staged full concerts with ...

Quincy Jones Refused to Work With Elvis Presley
Quincy Jones didn't think highly of Elvis Presley. Jones also said Michael Jackson copied the singer and some other celebrities.

Austin Butler’s Full ‘Elvis’ Concerts Will Be Restored in Baz Luhrmann’s Four-Hour Cut: ‘There Will Be a Day When We Do It’
Baz Luhrmann has touted his four-hour “Elvis” cut in the past, but he’s ignited more anticipation for it by revealing that a longer version of the music biopic would restore ...

Baz Luhrmann Is Ready for Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla and Elvis Biopic: ‘If She’s Got Any Questions, I’m Available’
I think we’ll see more kind of different perspectives on this,” the “Elvis” director said ahead of Coppola’s “Priscilla” film.

Elvis Mitchell: The success of Black '70s films was "the dirty little secret of American cinema"
On "Salon Talks," the film critic discusses Netflix's "Is That Black Enough For You?!?" and celebrates Black art ...

Lisa Marie Presley Earns Over $100,000 A Month From Elvis Business
Lisa Marie Presley is still battling her ex-husband over financial support but turns out she is making bank from her father’s music and other Elvis business. Elvis Presley’s daughter revealed the ...

‘Elvis’: Baz Luhrmann Promises to Release Full Concerts in Extended Cut
Last September, Elvis director Baz Luhrmann stated his plans for a four-hour Elvis cut, but he has recently re-ignited interest in the cut by revealing that he wants to cut together a sequence of ...