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WA premier admits state was told of sick ship crew but criticises federal government email
The Western Australian premier, Mark McGowan, has been forced to acknowledge that his state’s health department was notified of sick crew members on board a live export vessel before it docked in ...

The CEO of Slack says that Microsoft is 'unhealthily preoccupied' with 'killing' the company because it threatens email
Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield told The Verge that Microsoft sees the app as a threat to email and the Office 365 suite.

Man who forgot about lottery ticket learns of win from email
An Australian man said he had forgotten about his lottery ticket until he scrolled through his email and discovered he had won more than $65,000.

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Outlook for Windows client to store email signature in the cloud
Microsoft plans to release an update for the Outlook for Windows client next month that will add the possibility to configure an email signature and have it saved in the cloud, rather than inside each ...

Officials: Email delays key vote on PG&E's bankruptcy plan
California power regulators have unexpectedly delayed a key vote on Pacific Gas & Electric’s plan for getting out of bankruptcy ...

ASU's Bobby Hurley Accuses AD of Minimizing Sexual Assault Allegations in Email
Arizona State men's basketball coach Bobby Hurley sent an email to the school's athletic director, Ray Anderson, saying Anderson was minimizing allegations that a prominent booster ...

Is Email the Future of Journalism?
While a number of Substack writers make good money, it’s difficult to imagine how a newsroom could be supported by email alone. However, Ben Thompson’s Stratechery, which Substack’s founders cite as ...

Officer to be disciplined for racist email about virus masks
An Oklahoma police officer will be disciplined for violating department policy when he responded to an email about coronavirus protective masks that were issued by sending racist images of people with ...

George Mansour Teaches How To Control Email & Password Technology
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