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Emojis: Boy starts petition to change glasses emoji
A 10-year-old boy from Oxfordshire has written a petition asking Apple to change the glasses smiley face emoji, as he believes it paints glasses-wearers in a negative light.

If you're still using the laughing emoji to LOL, Gen Alpha thinks you're out of touch
Gen Alpha's slang term "GYAT" allegedly stands for "Girl your ass is thick," a millennial learned from her younger sister. Plus, how to use slay, bet and period.

10yo demands Apple change ‘offensive and insulting’ emoji
In a bid to promote inclusivity and challenge stereotypes, 10-year-old Teddy from Peppard, Oxfordshire, has initiated a campaign urging Apple to redesign its “nerd face” emoji.

Boy, 10, starts petition to get Apple to change 'nerd' glasses emoji
A boy has started a petition asking Apple to change its "offensive and insulting" glasses emoji. Teddy, 10, from Peppard, Oxfordshire, believes the icon, with its prominent front teeth, gives the ...

This 10-year-old wants Apple to change the "offensive and insulting" "nerd" glasses emoji
Type “nerd” into your Messages app, and your iPhone’s keyboard will prompt an emoji with glasses and two huge front teeth. 10-year-old Teddy has started a petition to raise awareness and get Apple to ...

10-year-old Teddy petitions Apple to redesign the ‘nerd face’ emoji: ‘It’s making me feel sad and upset’
Teddy, a 10-year-old Apple fan from the UK, has started a petition calling on Apple to redesign the “nerd face” glasses emoji. Teddy believes that the nerd face emoji’s prominent front teeth make it ...

Boy starts petition to get Apple to change 'offensive and insulting' emoji
Teddy, 10, has launched a petition in the hopes of encouraging Apple to redesign one of its popular emojis which 'offends' him.

Boy takes on Apple to try and stop them using glasses on nerd emoji
Teddy Cottle, from Reading, is taking on the California based tech giant over its 'rather rude' emoji of a nerd.

Gen Alpha reveal the slang that is out: Slay, bet, and the laughing emoji make you seem old, while 'GYAT' the crying emoji and 'preppy' are in (but they don't mean what you ...
Using the words 'slay', 'bet' and the laughing emoji makes you look old, according to Generation Alpha. The slang terms, popular with Gen Z (those aged 13-26), are 'out' and newer terms including ...

Boy, 10, calls on Apple to change ‘insulting’ nerd emoji
A 10-year-old boy has launched a petition calling for Apple to change the “nerd” emoji that he says gives the wrong ­impression of glasses-wearers. Teddy Cottle, from Oxfordshire, ­decided to write a ...

Holy Moly Emoji
Holy Moly Emoji, also known as Holay Molay, refers to a yellow emoji or emoticon saying "Holy moly!" with a visible speech bubble. The original emoticon was created by the website Symbols & Emoticons ...

Schoolboy, 10, starts petition to get Apple to change glasses 'nerd' emoji
A ten-year-old boy has started a petition for Apple to change its ‘nerd’ emoji, saying it is insulting to people who wear glasses. Teddy Cottle, 10, from Peppard in Oxfordshire, said he thought the ...