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News for Emoji

Illustrating the power of emoji
No word would suffice to express the fluency with which these shorthand icons in texts and emails and on social media have become a language unto themselves. Find out how new symbols are added to the ...

800 new emoji coming to Microsoft Teams, including a skin tone picker
Microsoft is giving you more ways to express yourself in Microsoft Teams with a new expanded emoji picker that is in public preview.

Clip: emoji brand, WildBrain Launch New IP ’emojitown’
The emoji company GmbH, one of the world’s top 150 licensors, and WildBrain, a global leader in kids’ and family entertainment, have forged a far-reaching content and licensing partnership to launch ...

The REAL parent trap! Tricky emoji quiz challenges puzzlers to name these different baby-based scenarios - so can YOU guess all 16?
UK-based baby brand Kendamil has created a tricky emoji brainteaser. Most non-parents can only get seven right. So, how many can you guess?

WildBrain & emoji Pact for emojitown IP
The emoji company has inked a content and licensing partnership with WildBrain to launch emojitown, a brand-new digital-first series and consumer-products extension of emoji.

A Diverse, Multi-Skin Toned Handshake Emoji is Coming to Mobile Phones in 2022
Emoji 14.0 will allow you to modify the skin tones of the handshake emoji for a total of 25 different combinations.

iOS 14.5 walkthrough – new emoji, Apple Watch Unlock, AirTag support, and more [Video]
The iOS 14.5 (RC) release candidate has been issued to developers. In this video, we go hands-on in our iOS 14.5 walkthrough.

These Blue Emoji Combos On TikTok Include All The Cool Vibes
Get ready to add some chill vibes to your TikToks because TikTokers are sharing major inspo for your color-coordinated posts. If you're looking for fun emojis with to capture cool vibes, these blue ...

Davido at 10: Twitter Celebrates Singer With Customised Emoji to Mark His 10 Years in music
Top Nigerian singer, Davido, was recently celebrated by Twitter with another customised emoji ahead of his 10 years anniversary in the industry. Read more.

Handshake emoji to become more inclusive next year
Every time we add a new emoji, there’s a risk it could exclude people without our consciously knowing it” Soldiering on through the pandemic, we have bid farewell to the handshake… yup, remember the ...

Apple updates emoji with bloodless syringe and interracial couples
The emoji update, with designs organized by the Unicode Consortium, also includes emoji of interracial couples. Previously, many emoji with two or more people on iOS could only be ...

The macOS 11.3 update includes a massive security patch and new emoji
Apple has just released macOS 11.3, alongside iOS 14.5. It’s probably worth updating your Mac to it as soon as you can — not only because it comes with some new features, including improvements for ...