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News for Emoji

How to create a custom emoji on an Android
Although traditional emojis are great in a pinch, custom emojis are a fun way to get your message across perfectly without words.

Face palm: The fight to get a new emoji made
Do you have a favourite emoji? Maybe it's the wink or the face rolling around with tears of laughter. Perhaps if you're feeling slightly more sardonic, it's the smiling face with jazz hands.With more ...

Young People Hunger to See the Face of God — Don’t Starve Them with Emoji Religion
I learn a lot and the diversity of thought provides fertile ground for my own ideas — and keeps me honest! Recently, I was on a project to revamp an existing Catholic religion curriculum for online ...

Simone Biles’ one-emoji reaction after Tokyo Olympics withdrawal
The sports world was struck with the news of Simone Biles withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics due to a medical issue. The USA gymnastics sensation stepped away mid-competition after struggling to land ...

Say hello to Yats: Why investors are paying thousands to 'own' emoji
Scores of people are quietly paying tens of thousands of dollars to buy emoji, lured with the promise that they, and only they, will forever own the emoji in question. Say hello to the hidden world of ...

Fact check: Pregnant man emoji not yet available, may be coming to smartphones next year
A new pregnant man emoji, aimed toward representing transgender pregnancy, is in the works but hasn't yet been released.

Facebook Messenger makes it easier to find perfect emoji reaction
Facebook has launched a new 'Space Jam' theme for Messenger, as well as a few new options for finding that perfect emoji reaction.

Apple stops 'woozy face' emoji from appearing when 'stammer' is typed
Apple has issued an update that stops the "woozy face" emoji from appearing when users type in the word "stammer" into messaging apps on iOS, including iMessage.

Simone Biles has her own emoji, and it suits her well.
Using her name on Twitter will create a leaping cartoon goat wearing a sparkling red gymnastics leotard with a gold medal draped around its neck.

Simone Biles honored with a GOAT emoji on Twitter
Twitter sure knows how to get five-time Olympic medalist Simone Biles' goat! That is, they know how to honor the record-breaking gymnast with a "Greatest Of All Time" (aka GOAT) emoji, which was ...

For Simone Biles, a Twitter GOAT emoji to match her gymnastics greatness
Before her second Olympic Games, gymnast Simone Biles got something new: an emoji attached to her hashtag on Twitter. The emoji, a goat in a sparkling red leotard, calls to mind the bedazzled goat ...

Blue Hat Announces Joint Development of Tencent QQ Emoji Branded Toys
Mr. Xiaodong Chen, CEO of Blue Hat, stated, "We are pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with the QQ team in the development and launch of these two QQ emoji branded toy products. The QQ ...