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Carolyn Hax: How to extend condolences without the emoji
A reader is Facebook friends with a high school classmate whose husband died, and she’s unsure how to send sympathies.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Now Has An Official Twitter Emoji
If you tweet out the official hashtag for The Last of Us Part II, you'll get a nice little emoji of Ellie--and for once, she's not covered in blood.

Gunna, Sheff G, & More Hold Down Our "Fire Emoji" Playlist
Our 'Fire Emoji' playlist was blessed this week with new releases from Gunna, Sheff G, Schoolboy Q, and Reason. It's that time of the week again: time to check out the latest additions to our 'Fire ...

SwiftKey gets a name update and Emoji 12 support
Microsoft purchased SwiftKey four years ago. Now, the app is called "Microsoft SwiftKey" on the Google Play Store. The same update also brings support for Emoji 12.

Thug who sliced off a stranger's thumb with a PIRATE sword bragged with a 'thumbs-up' emoji
A thug who hacked a stranger's thumb off with a 'pirate sword' later bragged about the attack with a thumbs-up emoji.

Two Smiling Emoji, a World of Difference
In Slack’s emoji menu, there are two versions of basic smiley faces. As shown above, there is :slightly_smiling_face: and :simple_smile:. At first glance, it might appear that the first offers a ...

Twitter introduce special emoji for #AfricaDay
May marks #AfricaDay and in commemoration of the occasion, Twitter has introduced a new special emoji to celebrate #AfricaDay.

Facebook avatar: how to make a personalised emoji and stickers
In addition to Zoom and Houseparty video calls, your loved ones can now see your face during lockdown with Facebook's new avatar feature ...

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis says she sent black activist a monkey emoji because it looks ‘silly’ after racism claims
SOUTHERN Charm star Kathryn Dennis says she sent a black activist a monkey emoji because it looked “silly.” However, she’s been accused of making racially insensitive remarks ...

Facebook Avatar: How to make your very own Facebook avatar emoji
FACEBOOK'S new avatars have taken the world by storm, with people posting their custom-made emojis to the social media platform in the absence of physical interaction. How do you make your own ...