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WeChat’s emoji makeover removes cigar image to help stub out smoking among minors
WeChat, the ubiquitous super app known as Weixin in mainland China, has removed the image of a cigar in a popular emoji, years after an anti-smoking group warned that it complicated the fight against ...

Sorry, Millennials: The ‘Laugh Cry’ Emoji Isn’t Cool Anymore, According To Gen Z
PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — Bad news for people who frequently use the “laugh cry” emoji: It is no longer cool. In recent weeks, two internet-savvy generations have been clashing in videos and ...

Concept: The natural next step for the iOS emoji keyboard after search is favorites
As Apple adds more emoji with each subsequent iOS update, it’s getting harder and harder to sift through all them just to find the emoji you want to use. The “frequently used” emoji panel helps with ...

Apple updates its syringe emoji as COVID-19 vaccines roll out
Apple is updating its syringe emoji, replacing the blood with an appearance resembling a vaccination as more COVID-19 vaccines roll out nationwide.

Mattel Hit With TM Suit Over Its Emoji-Style Barbie Doll
Emoji Co. GmbH sued Mattel Inc. on Tuesday in California federal court, accusing the toy manufacturing giant of infringing its "emoji" trademark with its "Emoji Style" Barbie doll line.

There won’t be blood: Apple is making its syringe emoji a vaccine dose.
The change, for now only visible to beta testers, reflects the popularity and shifting meaning of a symbol once mainly used to discuss blood donations.

Pop Smoke & NBA Youngboy Hold Down This Week's "Fire Emoji" Playlist
Brand new heat for this week's 'Fire Emoji' playlist. The past few weeks have been filled with great releases. In fact, February's been a solid overall month when it comes to new music. We received ...

iOS 14.5 includes vaccine and 217 new emoji — here’s all the best options
The iOS 14.5 beta is underway, and a new wave of 217 emoji have been released. The new emoji include vaccine, a heart on fire, exhaling face, plus a slew of. Emojipedia has a rundown of all the new ...

Richard Sherman appeared to react to the Russell Wilson-Seahawks drama with a single emoji
Over the past few weeks, tensions have brewed between the Seattle Seahawks and franchise quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson, who signed a four-year, $140 million deal with Seattle in 2019, raised ...

Apple Loop: New iPhone 13 Surprise, Emoji For Everyone, Stunning MacBook Pro Feature
This week’s Apple headlines; the latest iPhone 13 leaks, a surprise new iPhone, new MacBook Pro chips, a unified Office, 217 new emoji, and more.

Apple to update syringe emoji amid COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Apple’s newest iOS update will include a change to the syringe emoji, which will make it more conducive to conversations about vaccines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elon Musk breaks the internet with eggplant emoji reply to a critical tweet
Elon Musk's eggplant emoji reply has gained over 145.8 lakh likes over the microblogging site. Majority of Musk's followers took the Tesla CEO's reply to be dismissive of Peter Schiff's opinion.