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News for Emoji

Observers of Milwaukee election recount were given poop emoji wristbands from Wisconsin Center staff
"It's just kind of silly to try and make an issue out of something like this," Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said of the poop emoji bands.

Google sets the groundwork to allow new emoji without full Android system updates
The groundwork is being laid for a major change to how Android handles emoji, with a full system update perhaps not being required to tweak the emoji pack.

Wisconsin recount observers given poop emoji wristbands
Wisconsin election observers in Milwaukee were given wristbands bearing the poop emoji Tuesday during the fifth day of watching the recount requested by President Trump’s campaign.

Plans for a bisexual flag emoji have been rejected by Unicode Consortium
Plans for a bisexual flag emoji have been rejected by the Unicode Consortium, the body that governs the internationally-recognised symbols.

How to make a Slack emoji to add some personality to the workday
Here's a step-by-step guide explaining how to make a Slack emoji. In recent months, organizations around the globe have transitioned to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic. To boost ...

‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ fight divides Twitter: Does thumbs-up emoji mean f–k you?
The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” stirred up a social media debate following an on-air fight about whether the emoji is actually code for “f–k you.” ...

There Aren't Enough Fire Emoji to Describe Maluma and J Lo's Steamy AMAs Performance
I thought I was prepared for Maluma and Jennifer Lopez's performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday, but boy, was I wrong. Given that it marked ...

Taapsee Pannu has a hilarious post about an emoji
"If "Nahiiiiiiiiiiii" had an emoji face! #RashmiRocket," Taapsee captioned the image, which currently has 236K likes on the photo-sharing website. The actress has started shooting for her upcoming ...

Celtic’s Shane Duffy’s ‘middle finger’ emoji error has fans speculating issues at the club
SHANE DUFFY had fans speculating there was problems for him at Celtic with an EMOJI mistake in a social media post. The centre half was lauded by the Hoops support when he arrived from Brighton in ...

Emoji Jacket Market Top Impacting Factors: Market Scenario Analysis, Trends, Drivers, and Impact Analysis
Allied Analytics : Cyclists Emoji Jacket Market 2020-2030:The Cyclists Emoji Jacket is an expression that can display a series of emojis via an integrated LED panel. By indicating the feelings and ...

On day five of election recounts in Milwaukee, all observers were given poop emoji wristbands from Wisconsin Center staff
Each day of the recount seems to bring some new controversy. And on Tuesday morning, the controversy briefly turned to poop — or more specifically, poop emoji wristbands given to recount observers who ...