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Election Engineering: How US Experts Are Making Sure Your Vote Will Count
In the 2016, we saw how foreign powers could affect US elections. Now the nation is scrambling to secure the system in the midst of a pandemic.

Fast 50: Forensic Engineering Technologies says reputation was the biggest driver of its rapid growth
Congratulations to Forensic Engineering Technologies, one of OBJ's 2020 Fast 50 companies. What drives your company's growth? @FETLLC #OBJFast50 #Orlando #Florida #localbusiness #businessnews ...

Light engineering sector needs skilled workforce, policy support
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in January announced light engineering as the “product of the year” in an attempt to bring special attention to the sector so that it increases the country’s foreign ...

Inside the new School of Engineering and Computing building
School of Computing and Engineering building, Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center UMKC has nearly completed construction of the new $32 million Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and ...

BASF's Geismar site awards eight engineering students summer internships
Eight engineering students representing universities across Louisiana recently completed a summer internship program at BASF’s site in Geismar.

Genetic Engineering Across the Tree of Life
Despite the irony—or poetry—of using the same yeast used to brew Ancient Egyptian beer to brew nutraceuticals, some researchers are turning to other microorganisms, hoping to find new phenotypes that ...

Hyde Engineering + Consulting Announces New VP of Global Engineering
BOULDER, Colorado, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyde Engineering + Consulting, Inc. (Hyde) announced that Sanjay Shah has accepted the position of Vice President of Global Engineering. Sanjay, based ...

Southern University partners with Boeing and NASA for aerospace engineering mentorship program
Southern University has established a partnership with Boeing that will allow some of its students to work alongside NASA scientists on a program that will send astronauts into space, ...

Chamblee: Bryson like 'architect discovering engineering that led to pyramids'
Brandel Chamblee recaps the gains in driving distance and swing speed for U.S. Open champion Bryson DeChambeau.

Filling Africa's largest dam risks political tension if engineering realities are ignored
A hydro dam currently under construction in Ethiopa is set to be the largest hydropower plant in Africa, but could be heading towards controversy for international agreements on water sharing.

Wake Forest's engineering students raise walls on Habitat house
Several students from Wake Forest’s new engineering program raised the walls of a Habitat house on Wednesday. The volunteer work is part of their Capstone course.

SNC-Lavalin awarded global Engineering and Consultancy Services framework to support bp Production & Operations globally
CNW/ - SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) has been awarded a global framework contract to provide engineering consultancy services ...