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'Big responsibility': In 2020, even armchair election analysts see little room for error
Calling elections was once the exclusive domain of a select group of experts. But the internet has democratized the scene — for better or worse.

Ole Miss' Lane Kiffin Fined $25K for Criticizing Officials; SEC Admits Error
The SEC announced it fined Ole Miss head football coach Lane Kiffin $25,000 after he criticized the officiating in the Rebels' 35-28 loss to Auburn last ...

Fake ballot error text
Residents are receiving fake ballot texts. The messages are not coming from the Supervisor of Elections office or campaigns. Fox 4 is looking into where these messages are coming from.

Dodgers charged with 2nd error on wild World Series Game 4 play for Rays win
The Los Angeles Dodgers have been charged with a second error on the wild play that ended Game 4 of the World Series ...

Tarrant County elections officials re-scanning thousands of ballots after machine error
The Tarrant County elections administrator said the vast majority of the ballots will be copied and counted in time for results to be released on Election Night.

Employee error caused government leak of tribal data, watchdog finds
Employees at the Treasury Department and the Bureau of Indian Affairs were responsible for leaking a spreadsheet of proprietary data from the nation’s tribes, according to a new report from a ...

SEC acknowledges replay error as Ole Miss' Lane Kiffin fined $25K for retweeting officiating critique
Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin was fined $25,000 on Monday for retweeting a post that called SEC officiating a disgrace, the same day the SEC acknowledged it should have stopped play to review a ...

SEC fines Lane Kiffin, admits error on Shaun Shivers' controversial play; Coach tweets jokes
Just hours after Lane Kiffin vented Monday about a non-call in the fourth Rebels' 35-28 loss to Auburn on Saturday, the SEC released a statement about the play and ...

Dodgers charged with 2nd error on wild G4 play for Rays win
The Los Angeles Dodgers have been charged with a second error on the wild play that ended Game 4 of the World Series ...

SEC fines Lane Kiffin for voicing frustration, admits officiating error at end of Auburn win over Ole Miss
Ole Miss fell at home to Auburn 35-28 in a barn-burner on Saturday afternoon, and one critical play in the game didn't exactly sit well with coach Lane Kiffin. The Rebels took a 28-27 lead midway ...

New Poll Shows Biden's Lead Over Trump Grows to 9 Points in Wisconsin, Beyond the Margin of Error
New polling out of Wisconsin shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with a 9-point lead over Donald Trump in the key swing state, well outside of the margin of error just over a week until ...

SEC fines Lane Kiffin $25K despite acknowledging officiating error in Ole Miss-Auburn game
The SEC acknowledged that the game should have been stopped for further review; it declined to release its findings, although the conference did communicate them to Kiffin.