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News for Estate

A 3-year-long Newsday investigation found Long Island real estate agents' widespread unequal treatment against Hispanic, Asian, and black homebuyers
Reporters found Long Island real estate agents treated prospective homebuyers from minority groups differently from those who are white.

Jamestown Estate Homes highlights new home in Piney Point
Jamestown Estate Homes’ new property offers approximately 4,500 square feet, and it is set on an 8,700-square-foot lot. Jamestown Estate Homes’ new property offers approximately 4,500 square feet, and ...

Fire destroys barn at historic Endicott Estate in Dedham
A large fire destroyed a barn used to store equipment at the historic Endicott Estate in Dedham early Saturday morning, officials said. The Dedham Fire Department received a call at 1:50 a.m.

Real estate heiress who posted $35M bail acquitted of murder
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco Bay Area real estate heiress who was under house arrest on $35 million bail for more than two years plans to reconnect with her children and visit family in China ...

Amazon Loss Stings, but Long Island City Real Estate Shrugs It Off
The urgent inquiries for office space from companies aiming to do business with Amazon.com Inc. have long ceased. The near-constant flurry of calls from would-be investors in commercial buildings and ...

Hillsborough real estate heiress acquitted of murder
After deliberating for 12 days, jurors acquitted a Hillsborough real estate heiress accused of murdering the father of her children in 2016. Tiffany Li had been charged with conspiring with her ...

Crichton’s estate finally gives us a sequel to ‘Andromeda Strain’
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Michael Crichton’s epic novel, “The Andromeda Strain,” the author’s estate commissioned Daniel H. Wilson to craft a sequel, “The Andromeda ...

Real estate news: Small apartment complex in Anaheim sells for $6.2 million
CBRE previously signed leases at the center with The Broken Yolk Café and Porcelain Luxury Salon Suites. Rexford Industrial Realty, a real estate investment trust, has bought an industrial property ...

Hot Property Newsletter: The luxury real estate market changes with the calendar
“American Idol” creator Simon Fuller has trimmed the price of his lavish Bel-Air estate to $32.5 million, down $2.5 million from his original asking price. Fuller shelled out $24 million for the ...

San Francisco real estate heiress acquitted in murder of children father
A San Francisco real estate heiress was acquitted Friday of murdering the father of her children, ending more than two years of house arrest after her family posted one of the highest bail amounts on ...

Commercial real estate mailbag: Does Amazon own or buy warehouses?
Occasionally it is healthy to purge the inbox — in a manner of speaking — and share with you some happenings in the world of commercial real estate. As Jim Barksdale cleverly stated, “’If we have data ...

Real estate heiress who posted $35 million bail acquitted of murder
A San Francisco Bay Area real estate heiress whose family posted $35 million bail to keep her out of jail until her trial was acquitted Friday of killing the father of her children. After deliberating ...