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Asheville's Historic Biltmore Estate Is in Peak Sunflower Season — See the Stunning Photos
While summer is sunflower season at the Biltmore, the plants are now in their first peak bloom period (which usually lasts about 10 days) from the 105,000 seeds that were planted earlier this year.

Biltmore Estate’s Mile-Long Sunflower Patch Is in Full Bloom
Summer is well underway, which means lush landscapes across the country are in full bloom—including an expansive sunflower patch at Estate, the largest privately-owned home in the United States. The ...

Why the real estate market in Raleigh, N.C., is booming
Jason Dalton, Keller Williams Preferred and North Carolina real estate broker, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss the real estate market in the state.

Mike Tyson’s former Maryland estate sells for $4.58M
A Bethesda, MD, home that once belonged to Mike Tyson has sold, according to the Baltimore Business Journal. The deal closed for $4,575,000 on July 20.

Cosmetics mogul wants record $50 million for lavish Irvine estate
Kante, founder of the multi-level marketing cosmetics company SeneGence, wants $50 million for her amenity-loaded mansion in Irvine.

Landmarked house bring $14 million in Palm Beach’s Estate Section: deed
Real estate investors Dana E. Landry and William F.X. Moody sold the 1920s-era house they renovated at 240 Jungle Road to a trust.

Tree house hits Utah real estate market | Charlotte Observer
A wonderfully different, very private home has hit the market in Sundance, Utah, for $1.2 million but prospective buyers must be warned – you should be a person who adores stunning views of lush ...

4BR in Westfield for $1M and more Central Jersey real estate deals of the week
Real estate transactions for Burlington, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset and Union counties for July 27, 2021.

Don Kortz, a legend in Denver’s philanthropic community and commercial real estate sector, dies at 81
Don Kortz, 81, who founded Rose Community Foundation and worked more than 40 years in commercial real estate in Denver, died Sunday due to complications from COVID-19.

Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions
New York. These two buildings in SoHo total 16,000 square feet with additional air rights. The three-story building at 33 Howard is for commercial and retail use. The five-story building at 35 Howard ...

Britney Spears files to remove her father as conservator of her estate
Britney Spears' newly hired lawyer filed a petition Monday seeking to remove the singer's father, Jamie Spears as conservator of her estate.

It’s a nominator’s market: Give your favorite real estate pros some recognition.
The real estate industry has been making major headlines for the past year, so chances are you’ve had some interaction with a fantastic real ...