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News for F1 Team Issue

F1 creates new working group in attempt to solve track limits row
A new working group is being created in an attempt to find a solution to Formula 1’s track limits debate. The topic of track limits has been a point of contention at the start of the 2021 F1 season, ...

Shoulder issue hampered Perez in Barcelona F1 qualifying
Sergio Perez says an issue with his left shoulder contributed to his struggles in Formula 1 qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix as he felt “bad all the way through”.

Williams rear end issue hampered Russell’s Portimao F1 race
George Russell says his Williams Formula 1 team discovered an issue with his car that contributed to his struggles in the Portuguese Grand Prix.

F1 to bring in new testing to curb use of ‘bendy’ rear wings
Formula One has said it is to introduce new tests to ensure teams are not breaking the rules by using flexible rear wings ...

Frustration Mounting Over F1's Officiating of Track Limits
Ferrari team principal leading the charge to get some consistency with the way track limits are judged on race day.

Formula One: F1's governing body to clamp down on suspected 'bendy wings'
Formula One's governing body has warned teams it will introduce new rear wing flexibility tests next month amid suspicions of rule-bending.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

F1 teams clash over 'surprising' Lewis Hamilton comment
A somewhat innocuous comment from Lewis Hamilton has prompted the FIA to enact a rules crackdown. Read more about what he said here.

Brown hits out at F1 team affiliations
"I do not wish to see the number of teams in F1 reduce, but team affiliations remain an issue because they do not promote a level playing field." "Team affiliations" are hurting Formula 1, according ...

Perez reveals shoulder issue was “big limitation” in Barcelona F1 qualifying
Red Bull Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez says an issue with his left shoulder hampered his efforts in Spanish Grand Prix qualifying.

McLaren has "clear goal" to improve F1 qualifying
McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl acknowledged his team has a 'clear goal' to improve its qualifying performance after a Spanish Grand Prix weekend that saw it struggle to match rival outfit ...

How McLaren hopes to help F1 with its secret ballots call
After McLaren boss Zak Brown wrote an open letter detailing his thoughts on the direction that Formula 1 is taking, including the use of secret ballots, it opened up a wider discussion on the future ...

F1 governing body to clamp down on suspected ‘bendy wings’
Formula One’s governing body has warned teams it will introduce new rear wing flexibility tests next month amid suspicions of rule bending. Mercedes’ seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton flagged ...