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Depending on how you choose to see it, facial hair can be either a blessing or a curse for makeup fans. While lots of makeup artists and beauty editors with beards, mustaches, sideburns, and the like ...

People should wear a cloth mask or facial covering when in public, CDC now recommends
U.S. officials are now recommending that people wear a cloth mask or facial covering in public settings like grocery stores to slow the spread of the coronavirus. President Donald Trump announced ...

Coronavirus government response updates: Pence says advisory on masks, facial coverings coming in next few days
As the president and his coronavirus task force on Thursday weigh additional measures, including possible domestic flight restrictions an whether to recommend facial coverings in public, the U.S.

Mice Have Different Facial Expressions For Different Emotions, Scientists Discover
Changes in the facial expressions of mice can be hard for the human observer to make out, so researchers used machine learning.

Facial hair and N95 masks: What you need to know
N95 respirators are tight-fitting masks that filter out 95% of particles in the air and reduce exposure from small particle aerosols to large droplets. In order to wear an N95 respirator effectively, ...

Say cheese! Mice have facial expressions to reflect emotions, scientists say
The findings could allow scientists to develop mouse models to help understand the role of emotions in anxiety disorders or depression.

Artificial intelligence decodes the facial expressions of mice
Researchers have used a machine-learning algorithm to decipher the seemingly inscrutable facial expressions of laboratory mice. The work could have implications for pinpointing the neurons in the ...

Microsoft president calls Washington state’s new facial recognition law ‘a significant breakthrough’
Microsoft President Brad Smith took a break from responding to the COVID-19 outbreak Tuesday to praise Washington state’s landmark facial recognition regulations. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a ...

Microsoft cheers, ACLU jeers law restricting use of facial-recognition technology
A new law in Washington state restricting the use of facial-recognition technology is drawing praise from Microsoft but criticism from civil liberties advocates.

Mice’s facial expressions can reveal a wide range of emotions
By prodding these cells to fire signals, the researchers could prompt the mice to display certain facial expressions. These connections among brain activity and facial expressions may lead to insights ...

Mice pull different facial expressions depending on their mood
A study has found that mice consistently made the same expression when stimulated to express different emotions ...

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