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giuseppa fazzino
Fazzino, Giuseppa Giuseppa "Josephine" Fazzino (Bonamico), of Middletown, CT, passed away peacefully on June 4, 2018, surrounded by her loving family at the Middlesex Hospital Hospice Care Unit. Josephine is survived by her loving...

Fazzino Viola, Katie
Katie Fazzino Viola, 94, passed away Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at St. Joseph Manor. Katie was born July 29, 1922 in Brazos County, Texas to John Marion and Lula (Fiellia) Fazzino. Married to Mike Joseph Viola for fifty years, she was a homemaker and a ...

New Rochelle Students Try Hands At Fazzino's 3D Artwork
NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Elementary school students from New Rochelle schools visiting the exhibit of colorful 3D Charles Fazzino works at New Rochelle High School were more than art aficionados. They also got to be, in a sense, apprentices. Students from ...

Australia's 'blokey' workplaces vow to stamp out everyday sexism
In an attempt to stamp out everyday sexism, some of Australia's major employers have pledged ... Incitec Pivot chief executive James Fazzino concedes the fertiliser and explosive company could be described as "blokey", but says leadership attitudes have ...

Fazzino found not guilty in wife's death
Jurors have returned a verdict in the trial of a former Boone man charged in the death of his wife. After gaining so much public attention, jurors reconvened Wednesday morning in a Winneshiek County court. They began deliberations Tuesday afternoon.

Fazzino trial pits attorneys, families on opposite sides
DECORAH — In his opening statement, William Kutmus promised jurors in Alexander Fazzino’s murder trial they would see attorneys advocating for their clients. Kutmus and colleague Trever Hook represent the accused. Prosecutors Scott Brown and Daniel ...

Incitec Pivot's James Fazzino joins Queensland gas project tender
Some in the Australian gas industry tag Incitec Pivot's chief executive James Fazzino "the kingmaker". The man himself quite fairly reckons to have made two junior drillers into Australian majors, which now live inside Royal Dutch Shell. And, in the final ...

Fazzino wants to put students first
ELKTON — Since filing for a seat on the Cecil County Board of Education, Jim Fazzino has visited more than a third of the county’s schools. As he’s walked the school hallways and talked to teachers, principal and students, Fazzino said he’s been ...