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News for Ferrari

Carlos Sainz to get first Ferrari taste in Italy next week
Carlos Sainz will get his first taste of Ferrari machinery on Wednesday as part of a five-day test session in Italy.

Motor racing: Ferrari sign first female driver to their academy
Ferrari announced 16-year-old Dutch go-karter Maya Weug on Friday as the first female member of the Formula One team's driver academy. Weug, the winner of a five-day scouting camp at the Italian ...

Maya Weug becomes first female driver to earn a spot in the Ferrari Driver Academy
Maya Weug has made history by becoming the first female driver to join the Ferrari Driver Academy. Weug, 16, was selected from the final stage of the Girls on Track - Rising Stars initiative, a ...

Seven-driver Ferrari F1 test to include Sainz, Schumacher
Ferrari has announced plans for a seven-driver test at Fiorano next week using its 2018 Formula 1 car, including Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher.

Ferrari Sign Up First Female Driver To Academy
Ferrari on Friday signed up 16-year-old Maya Weug, the first female to join their academy which has nurtured the talent of Formula one drivers like Charles Leclerc.

Two electric Ferrari crossovers coming this decade?
Ferrari is not leading the charge on electrification, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an all-electric car with the prancing horse on it one day. According to an anonymously-sourced report ...

Ferrari 312T: The Forgotten History of Formula One’s Most Successful Car
It all started in the 1974 Formula One season when Ferrari lost the constructors title to McLaren, and Clay Regazzoni was defeated by Emerson Fittipaldi in the last race held at The Glen in the U ...

Ferrari N.V. hosts conference call for investors
The company, Ferrari N.V., is set to host investors and clients on a conference call on 2/2/2021 8:07:15 AM. The call comes after the company's ...

Ferrari At A Fork In The Road
Ferrari built their legacy off the success of F1 racing but have turned their back on Formula E in the face of the EV evolution. BMW cites no technological benefits in Formula E racing ...

Ferrari's Binotto Confirms A Schumacher Will Race For The Prancing Horse Again
Being a Schumacher has its privileges. The 21-year-old son of Mr. Seven-Time Champ has been fast-tracked through the Ferrari Drivers Academy program, and after winning the Formula 2 championship ...

Maya Weug becomes first female to join Ferrari’s Driver Academy
Maya Weug, the Dutch/Belgian driver born in Spain, has made history not only by becoming the first FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars driver to join the Ferrari Driver Academy, but the first-ever ...