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News for Ferret

A Ferret Is Lost, and Found, in a Hannaford Parking Lot
Tyler LaBelle thought the tail poking out from under a car in the parking lot at the Shelburne Road Hannaford belonged to a squirrel. But when the furry critter came into view, LaBelle saw that it was a ferret. He watched in amazement as it wiggled its way ...

Did You Lose Your Ferret On The Rail Trail In Marlborough?
MARLBOROUGH, MA—It's unclear if this is a male or female, or the age or name of this presumed pet. But it seems someone lost or abandoned a ferret on the rail trail on Marlborough recently, as it was found. If you are missing a ferret, you should call ...

Mutant Ferret Offers Clues to Human Brain Size
Scientists have engineered ferrets genetically to study abnormally small brain size in humans – and, in the process, discovered hints as to how our brains evolved. A genetically engineered ferret could help reveal how humans got their big brains.

Asbury Woods names baby ferret
Meet Finnegan, the newest member of the Asbury Woods Nature Center family. The 3-month-old male European ferret is the newest addition to the nature center's exhibit hall. Finnegan, whom the staff will nickname "Finn," replaces P.J., a ferret that died Jan ...

NIS America Boss Takuro Yamashita Executes Epic Reverse-Ferret After Criticising Sony
When it comes to the how and why of the video games business, we normally only know specifics of contracts if they're leaked or long after the fact. Today brings a more unusual insight, thanks to the messy fallout from — let's be frank — someone ...

MSPCA Pet of the Week - Meet Queso the Ferret
Meet Queso! This five-month-old ferret is looking for a new home and would LOVE to be a companion for another ferret friend. Ferrets are playful and social animals who love to interact with people—and Queso is no exception—and do especially well with ...

Study predicts 2018 flu vaccine will have 20 percent efficacy
The latest pEpitope study, which is available online this week in Clinical Infectious Diseases, suggests pEpitope is a more accurate predictor of vaccine efficacy than long-relied-upon ferret tests, particularly for data gathered in the past decade.

Ferret has the deepest sleep in the world
Samantha Jedrzejczak, a researcher in Adelaide, Australia, recorded this adorable ferret sleeping extremely deeply. They ensure that the animals is flexible and it wasn't hurt while being handled.

Paris Hilton Celebrated National Ferret Day in Classic Y2K Style
It’s hard to deny that tacky 2000s-era fashion is having a real moment. From the high-fashion world’s embrace of Crocs—Christopher Kane and Balenciaga are recent cases in point—to Y/Project’s thigh-high Ugg monstrosities, the era’s go-tos are ...

RSPCA had to take apart a family's tumble dryer - to rescue a FERRET
A family were shocked to find a FERRET trapped inside their tumble dryer. The little creature was wedged into the dryer pipe of the machine belonging to a Kirkby couple, and needed to be freed by the RSPCA. It took an hour-and-a-half to rescue the ferret ...