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If you looking to sprinkle a little tinsel town onto your next reading list, here are 40 celebrities you didn't know wrote fiction. While Hilary Duff may play a powerhouse editor on Younger, the ...

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Book award season hath begun. The Booker Prize shortlist was announced on Tuesday and the National Book Foundation has been releasing long lists of the works being considered for its annual prizes all ...

Young Adult Dystopian Fiction That Feels Pretty Real
These four thrillers may be gussied up with future settings, but the problems they confront are rooted in today’s world.

Inside Story by Martin Amis review – a curious mashup of fiction and memoir
The novelist’s musings on his life, art and loved ones are humorous, grumpy and utterly compelling on grief ...

Ayad Akhtar on Truth and Fiction
Akhtar discusses “Homeland Elegies” and Marc Lacey talks about “Cry Havoc,” by Michael Signer, and “The Violence Inside Us,” by Chris Murphy.

Fiction: Family Meal
Shalom Auslander has an appetite for dark comedy.

Pandemic life mirrors fiction in Nevada radio show’s book club
Candace Chen is a millennial living her life when a plague of Biblical proportions from China sweeps over New York City. Companies go out of business. The subway is now a dangerous place. People are ...

Meet Yvette Kendall A Rarity in the Science Fiction Content Creation Game
Yvette Kendall is the author of "The GOD Maps" sci-fi series and also the creator of the new sci-fi sub-genre "Biblical Futurism" ...

Bavaria Fiction Chief Creative Officer Oliver Vogel To Join Leonine-Owned ‘Dark’ Producer W&B Television
German major Leonine has scored a coup with the hire of long-time Bavaria Fiction exec Oliver Vogel as MD of Dark producer W&B Television. The Das Boot exec will remain at Bavaria ...

Fact check: Trump admits truth of Bob Woodward report he lambasted as 'fiction' two years ago, makes additional false claims
President Donald Trump did another rambling interview on Fox News morning show "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday. In perhaps the most notable moment of the session, Trump said he had previously wanted to ...

Concordia Studio Sets Non-Fiction Slate with Docs about Psychedelics, the Enfield Poltergeist
Concordia Studio — the production outfit headed by Davis Guggenheim and Jonathan King — has added to its non-fiction slate with projects that cover psychedelics, The Enfield Poltergeist and the Navajo ...