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Liquid motion toys are the new fidget spinners, and we can’t stop staring at them
Fidget spinner are over and done. Fiiiiiiiinally. You’ll still occasionally see a kid playing with one if he or she hasn’t gotten the message yet, but most people have moved on at this point. What have they moved on to? We’re glad you asked.

Check out these students' handmade, fur-and-antler fidget tools
Forget spinners — some students in Old Crow, Yukon, have designed their own fidget tools using animal hide, fur and antlers. "These materials are so ingrained in them, and their culture," said Aaron Bailey, an educational assistant at Chief Zzeh Gittlit ...

What Are Fidget Rings? The Stylish Jewelry Actually Has An Important Purpose
The fidget spinner trend might be out of the spotlight, but that doesn't mean that people still aren't in need of a way to help settle their minds. Fidget Rings are the latest creation to help cope with your nerves, stresses and anxieties, which means you ...

How jewelry can help someone with anxiety or ADHD
In a 2014 report on productivity and fidget widgets (like jewelry, or the once-popular fidget spinner), Polytechnic Institute of New York University’s Michael Karlesky and Katherine Isbister found that for hyperactive children and those with ADHD ...

Creating New Products and Finding New Ideas: 5 Quick Tips
Technology, interests and trends evolve at a breakneck rate. Fidget spinners come and go within weeks. Online software programs change by the hour. The new, interesting restaurant you’ve been meaning to try closes before the paint has dried on the walls.

Time capsule buried to commemorate new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge
PORTSMOUTH - A commemorative fidget spinner from the U.S. Navy, toll tokens and a bottle of whiskey from the state liquor commission were among the items placed in a time capsule Friday to mark the opening of the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge. The new span ...

AI is more than a fidget spinner
AI analyses and sorts information with an unprecedented level of accuracy and speed. But these shiny new tools are only as good as the people operating them, and the application of AI and machine learning has so far had a minimal impact on the world of ...

Photographer showcases graduates’ personalities to make shoots memorable
Taj Shaikh’s photography portfolio features graduating students playing with fidget spinners, shotgunning beers and posing nude. Shaikh began taking photos at UC Santa Barbara before moving to Los Angeles and snapping shots of her graduating UCLA friends.

The best Asian food in North America? Try British Columbia.
Vendors barked out pitches for Pikachu plushies, fidget spinners with strobing lobes and cosplay anime onesies for adults. On a small midway, the roar of an animatronic brachiosaurus was briefly overwhelmed by the jets of a Boeing 787 bound for one of the ...