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News for Fiesta

San Antonio's Fiesta countdown begins with the 2022 poster unveiling
San Antonio caught the first glimpse of the official 2022 Fiesta poster on Wednesday evening, marking the countdown to the 11-day festival. The poster was revealed at the Witte Museum's Mays Family ...

Will the Alamo’s new ‘reverent zone’ restrictions affect Fiesta parades? Here’s what you need to know
Fiesta’s two big street parades are set to resume in April, but they’ll need to quiet down when passing through Alamo Plaza, as it is now part of the historic site’s “reverent zone.” Air horns, ...

The Fiesta countdown is on: Official poster for 2022 festival unveiled
San Antonio's biggest party to feature more than 100 events after the pandemic forced a cancellation in 2020 and a smaller fête in 2021.

Official Fiesta 2022 poster has been unveiled
SBG San Antonio. Miss Fiesta, Calista Burns, helped unveil the poster at the Witte Museum on Wednesday evening. This year's party with a purpose is slated to begin March 31- April 10. SBG San Antonio.

It's back! Battle of Flowers, Flambeau parade, Oyster Bake and more return for Fiesta 2022
Festivities will occur March 31 to April 10 with over 100 events including the return of Battle of Flowers Parade, Flambeau Parade and Oyster Bake, according to a press release.

“People are ready for it” — Fiesta 2022 schedule includes return of Oyster Bake, Battle of Flowers Parade
Fiesta San Antonio and all its signature events are coming back, and people are ready for it. The city’s iconic 11-day celebration is scheduled to happen in 2022 — albeit a bit earlier than usual — ...

Kester's Fiesta Returns for a Third Season
With continued support from SBD Motorsport, Kester Cook has signed-up for a third season in the Britcar Trophy Championship in his Ford Fiesta, though we will be seeing some changes to the popular ...

TxDOT takes control of Broadway; List of Fiesta 2022 events released | KENS 5 News Now
Governor Abbott has endorsed TxDOT's plan to halt some redevelopment along Broadway, despite City of San Antonio officials striking a deal in 2014 to assume control of the roadway. Also, it is that ...

San Antonio's Oyster Bake, Taste of New Orleans, and more planning for a Fiesta 2022 return
After spending two years in a Fiesta flux, San Antonio's party people are planning for 11 days of confetti and chicken-on-a-stick that feels more like the tradition the city is used to. The banner ...

Fiesta 2022 poster unveiled at event at Witte Museum
The first glimpse of Fiesta 2022 took center stage Wednesday night when the official poster for the 10-day citywide party was unveiled at the Witte Museum .

'Incredible': Nigerian refugee girls join football fiesta
Words are not enough to describe the fun and passion in their eyes as Nigerian refugee girls cheer on their side at the Africa Cup of Nations.

Kyle Hamilton talks receiving angry messages for skipping Fiesta Bowl
Kyle Hamilton is not done responding to criticism for skipping the Fiesta Bowl. He already fired back at Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard for bashing today’s college football players in general. Now ...