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News for Fire

Rural fire departments are turning down neighbors’ calls for help. Here’s why
Waves of COVID-19 infections, growing numbers of early retirements and departures, a shrinking pool of applicants and a diminishing number of inmate crews led more than 100 chiefs of smaller rural and ...

Weekend house fire in Hampstead results in $100,000 of property damage
The Hampstead Volunteer Fire Department responded to a dwelling fire which resulted in $100,000 of property damage over the weekend.

Elgin fire chief seeks funding for an EMA division chief to oversee emergency situations and focus on future readiness
Elgin Fire Department would like to add a new division chief to its ranks whose duties would include overseeing emergency management in crisis situations like a worldwide pandemic.

Fire in Barcelona kills family of 4, including 2 children
Spanish officials say a fire in part of a building occupied by squatters in central Barcelona has killed four members of the same family including two children ages 1 and 3 ...

CNN women remain silent on Chris Cuomo amid outside calls for network to fire embattled host
CNN’s prominent female staffers have remained publicly silent on embattled host Chris Cuomo over his extensive involvement in defending his big brother amid his sexual harassment scandal.

Houma house fire leads to arson arrest
A Houma man was arrested Sunday night after authorities said he intentionally set his family’s house on fire. Terry Ricks, 42, is charged with attempted second-degree murder, aggravated arson, ...

Meghan McCain calls for CNN to fire Cuomo
Meghan McCain slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo in a Tuesday op-ed for The Daily Mail, calling him "unfit" for the job in the wake of allegations that he worked to defend his brother, former New York Gov ...

Grenfell inquiry: fire chief admits brigade part of ‘institutional failure’
Andy Roe says organisation failed to join up information and lacked training to deal with ‘shock’ of situation ...

Santa’s Fire Engine Sleigh Ride coming through Spring neighborhoods this weekend
The Spring Fire Department hosted its first Santa’s Fire Engine Sleigh Ride last year as a way to bring holiday cheer to neighborhoods during the pandemic. Due to the success of last year’s ride, the ...

Calls grow for CNN to fire Chris Cuomo after documents reveal extensive involvement in brother's scandal
Calls are going for CNN to "can" embattled anchor Chris Cuomo over the extent of his involvement in his brother's political scandal.

TIKI® Brand Expands Fire Pit Line with Launch of New Portable Fire Pit
TIKI® Brand delivers again with its new Portable Fire Pit featuring the same great benefits of the Patio Fire Pit, combining a low smoke experience, an ash pan for easy clean-up and a four-foot heat ...

Fauci under fire: 'I represent science'
With his Sunday retort “What happened on January 6th, Senator?” it appears to critics that Dr. Anthony Fauci has openly expressed what many of them suspected — that he is a partisan political player.