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News for Fire

Sawtooth Fire in the Superstition Mountains at 2,500 acres, 0% containment
The Sawtooth Fire is burning in the "scar" of the Woodbury Fire, which burned more than 123,800 acres last year.

Enjoy a Fire in Your Backyard With This Smokeless Firepit
It has 51 jets that inject your fire with oxygen along key locations, creating a more uniform temperature and dramatically improving combustion.

My family’s restaurant caught fire in the Minneapolis protests. Let it burn.
Hafsa Islam is the daughter of the owner of the Minneapolis restaurant Gandhi Mahal. On Monday night, as I am driving to work at Gandhi Mahal, my family’s Indian restaurant, I see the police arresting ...

97-year-old South Carolina woman celebrates her birthday with fire trucks, police cars
With the coronavirus making it hard to celebrate, local fire and police departments made this 97th birthday one to remeber ...

Nashville woman killed in two-vehicle crash when her SUV caught fire
The other driver was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center with severe burns and is in stable condition. One passenger escaped with minor injuries.

NYPD Officers Drove Through A Crowd Of Protesters, And New York’s Mayor Is Under Fire For Calling It A “Tough Decision”
"That is not peaceful protest. Let's not kid ourselves," Mayor Bill de Blasio said as he promised a full investigation.

Brush fire closes both lanes of I-17 near Bumble Bee
A brush fire on Interstate 17 has closed freeway traffic about 55 miles north of Phoenix, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. North and southbound lanes are closed just north of the ...

Woolwich home damaged by kitchen fire
The fire broke out at 61 PJ Way off Middle Road around 10:30 p.m. Woolwich Fire Chief Mike Demers said everyone was able to get out of the home safely, including two cats and a do ...

Cave Creek evacuates some 500 homes as Ocotillo Fire continues to burn
Winds spread the fire to over 1,200 acres in Cave Creek on Saturday. At least 10 structures have burned, but there are no known injuries.

George Floyd: Donald Trump under fire as violence flares across America
President tweets from White House as cities struggle and Democrats give voice to a national plea for leadership ...

Police Fire Tear Gas, March on Protesters to Enforce Curfew
Authorities say two of the three Denver police officers are out of the hospital after they were injured Saturday night when a car struck a police cruiser during a third consecutive night of violent ...

Lisbon woods fire possibly caused by ATV exhaust
Lisbon Fire Department discovered a fire in the woods off an ATV trail shortly after 3:20 p.m., according to a department news release. Firefighters reached the fire, which was ce ...