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PBS' 'World on Fire' offers something besides the usual heroics of a World War II story
With the word "heroic" once more in widest possible use, it's important to remember that desperate times don't always bring out the best in everybody. On that note, PBS's "Masterpiece" viewers might ...

Review: In ‘World on Fire,’ War Is the Virus
PBS’s “Masterpiece” offers a World War II drama without generals or prime ministers or führers, just a lot of ordinary people muddling through.

Davis Love III talks about the fire that destroyed his family home: ‘Normal things mean so much right now’
An emotional Davis Love III describes the morning of the fire, getting out of the house safely with his wife, and how the family is moving forward ...

UN chief: Cease-fire appeal backed by parties in 11 nations
General Antonio Guterres says that warring parties in 11 countries have responded positively to his appeal for a global cease-fire to tackle the coronavirus pandemic ...

As California fire season approaches, coronavirus complicates preparation
Although top emergency officials say they are hopeful that the spread of COVID-19 will taper off by the time serious fire weather arrives in the fall, the outbreak has already forced departments to ...

New date set for EMCID’s East Texas Fire & Ice Festival
Ice slides sleds, fire performances, a carnival, fireworks show and more are back at this year’s East Texas Fire & Ice Festival, but not the date originally planned. The East Montgomery County ...

America Together: Missouri small town rallies around family who lost everything in fire
A family of five in Odessa, Missouri has had their faith in small-town America restored after they lost everything but the clothes on their backs Sunday in a house fire amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Israel to help Christians share 'holy fire' amid outbreak
Israeli officials say they are working with foreign governments and Orthodox Christian leaders to make sure that one of their most ancient and mysterious rituals — the Holy Fire ceremony — is not exti ...

Man dies after being electrocuted during apparent copper theft attempt in Duarte: Fire Dept.
A man died after being electrocuted while apparently trying to steal copper from a construction site in Duarte overnight, Los Angeles County Fire Department officials said Friday morning. Construction ...

Waukesha Resident Wakes To Fire, Helps Evacuate Apartment
Authorities say an apartment fire on Kensington Drive could have been more serious, had it not been for the quick actions of a resident.

New firefighters join Spring Fire Department amid coronavirus pandemic
Fire Department will have 11 new firefighters joining its ranks in the coming weeks, as the department is still adapting and responding to the ongoing.

PBS’s ‘World on Fire’ offers something besides the usual heroics of a World War II story
On that note, PBS’s “Masterpiece” viewers might march right into a sweeping miniseries (premiering Sunday) about several people caught up in the opening salvos of World War II, with expectations of ...