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News for Fire Truck

North Bay crews douse garbage fire after truck dumps burning load in Windsor
Crews in Sonoma County were able to extinguish a garbage fire in Windsor Tuesday after a truck had to dump its burning load by a park.

Utah man arrested after reportedly opening fire on family that helped dislodge his truck from mud
A Utah man was arrested and is being held without bail after allegedly opening fire on a good Samaritan who helped the suspect dislodge his truck after it became stuck in mud.

Man stole ambulance that came to help him, then stole a fire truck, Alabama cops say
An Alabama man is being held without bond after he managed to steal and crash three vehicles in one night, including an ambulance and a fire truck, according to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office.

South Metro Fire executes tricky extraction of trapped truck driver
Just after 6 a.m. on Saturday, August 6, 2022, a semi truck rolled over on the ramp from northbound I-25 to northbound E-470. South Metro Fire Rescue responded to the call. The cab of the truck was ...

Rally sponsor donates new fire truck to Sturgis
Fire Chief Scott Lensegrav and the rest of the Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department would have to flip truckloads of pancakes and host years of bake ...

Aroostook antique fire truck is still going strong after 100 years
For as long as Old Engine One truck has existed, each generation of firefighters has considered it their duty to pass down stories to the youngest team members.

Truck hauling 10,000 frozen turkeys catches fire on Florida highway
Firefighters in Florida said no one was injured, but several dinners were ruined, when a truck carrying 10,000 frozen turkeys caught fire on the highway.

Five fire trucks fighting fire at business in Westport
Five fire trucks are fighting a fire at a business premises in Westport on the West Coast. Emergency services were called to the fire on Palmerston St about 10.10am. Police are managing traffic and ...

Truck catches fire on 6th Ave. between Wadsworth & Sheridan
A truck that burst into flames caused some backups on Wednesday morning. The truck caught fire in the westbound lanes of 6th Avenue between Wadsworth and Sheridan. West Metro Fire Rescue crews rushed ...

Pleasant Prairie PD: Band on vintage fire truck couldn't get driver's attention
A band that had just taken part in a parade aboard a vintage fire truck in northern Illinois needed help to get off the rig in Pleasant Prairie.

Molotov cocktail causes Hillyard attic fire
A Molotov cocktail caused an attic to catch fire late Monday night in the Hillyard neighborhood. The Spokane Fire Department responded around 11:30 p.m. to the 2900 block of East Everett Avenue .

Broken fire hydrants cause public safety crisis in New Mexico
There’s trouble along the border and it’s centered in the southwest New Mexico Village of Columbus. No, it’s not drugs or crime. This border town with a ...