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News for Fishing

Ice fishing village on Minnetonka is hot destination for Iowa regulars
Todd Stauffer (right), owner of Set The Hook Guide Service and Fish House Rental, took time to visit with tenants Frank Trcka, left, of Washington, Iowa; his nephew, Dan Auel of Mankato, and Trcka’s ...

Art reflects life on state fishing license
A Dust Bowl image painted by an Oklahoma City artist of four brothers proudly showing off a stringer of fish is depicted on the hard card for the state’s 2020 fishing license. Lauren Florence painted ...

Eagle Release at the Annual Hunting and Fishing Show
"Wanbli," a rescued 10-month-old bald eagle, is released back to the wild during the 33rd annual West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Show at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center. His fractured ...

Fishing community mourns crew lost at sea as hard workers, devoted to their families
Arnold “Joe” Nickerson and Chris Pinkham were remembered Friday as devoted family men and hardworking, experienced members of Maine’s commercial fishing community. The two men were fishing aboard ...

Vessel that sank off Maine was fishing boat, 2 aboard dead
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Two people died 45 miles off the coast of Portland when a fishing boat sank, the Maine Marine Patrol said. Arnold “Joe” Nickerson IV, 60, of Arundel, and Chris Pinkham, 44, of ...

'Hey dad, I think I found a grenade': 9-year-old reels in live explosive while fishing
A father-son trip in North Carolina took a dangerous turn when a 9-year-old boy reeled in an explosive from a creek.

Adding some competition to the usual Tampa Bay fishing trip
We’re one of six teams in what is now the 3rd season of the Facebook-run Dirty South Fishing League. Steven Suggs, the founder of League, started it as a way for friends to make fishing trips a little ...

13 Best Fishing Rod Holders For Your Vehicle
Transporting your fishing rods can be a real pain depending on your vehicle and gear. Having a safe, reliable and easy rod carrying system both makes your life easier and gives you greater peace of ...

Innovative New Brunswick-made fishing boat talk of trade show
As the crowd milled about the Moncton Coliseum floor, one attraction at the Fish Canada Workboat Canada trade show kept reeling in onlookers. A new fishing boat with lofty goals of transforming the ...

Knoxville Expo Center hosts East Tennessee Fishing Expo
Pro fisherman Mike Delvisco joins us to talk about the East Tennessee Fishing Show. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for kids.

Hunting, fishing and everything outdoors comes to DeltaPlex for three days
More than 350 exhibitors and kid-friendly activities are part of the annual Weller Auto Huntin’ Time Expo, which runs Friday through Sunday in Walker.

A boy caught a live grenade while fishing in a North Carolina creek
A father and son trip in North Carolina took a dangerous turn after a 9-year-old found an explosive in a creek. His dad stepped in to save the day.