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News for Flashlight

Android security: Flashlight apps on Google Play infested with adware were downloaded by 1.5m people
Up to 7.5 million Android users could have fallen victim to malware that posed as a series of flashlight and other utility apps downloaded from the official Google Play Store. Dubbed LightsOut by the researchers at Check Point who discovered the malicious ...

22 different flashlight apps in Google Play were found to contain malicious adware
22 flashlight and utility apps in Google Play were found to carry malicious adware. The adware, dubbed LightsOut by security researchers, would spam Android phones with illegal advertisements, whether or not the app was in use. Google Play has since ...

The Flashlight Is A Surprisingly Perfect Interface For AR
Lumen, featured on Creative Applications, is an augmented reality flashlight that couldn’t be easier to use. Aim it at any object, be it a pair of scissors, circuit board, or stereo, and Lumen will project responsive information about it, ranging from ...

Malicious flashlight apps found on Google Play store
Whether you need to put your key in the lock on a dark night, or explore the depths of the cupboard under the stairs, having a flashlight app on your phone can prove useful. But researchers at Check Point have discovered more than 22 different flashlight ...

ASP to unveil dramatically expanded flashlight line at SHOT 2018
APPLETON, Wis. — Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), a leading manufacturer of law enforcement products, will debut more than a half­ dozen new additions to its line of high-performance tactical lighting solutions at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas ...

LightsOut adware posing as flashlight and utility apps discovered
We just told you about that fake Uber app that steals user and credit card info. Thanks to Symantec for the warning and as the software company continues to check for more, another group has just reported a similar problem. Check Point recently made it ...

Millions of Android users downloaded malicious flashlight apps on Google Play
Proving that flashlight apps are still as sketchy as ever, Google Inc. has removed 22 malicious flashlight apps from Google Play after cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. discovered that the apps were loaded with adware.

Streamlight Launches Their New Polytac X Flashlight
EAGLEVILLE, Pa.-(Ammoland.com)-Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, announced it has added a new model to its PolyTac line of tactical lights to include an enhanced, dual fuel version.

Streamlight adds PolyTac X flashlight to tactical light lineup
Streamlight expands its series of tactically inspired flashlights, adding the new PolyTac X light to its repertoire. The 600 lumen PolyTac X utilizes a LED to offer various lighting modes — high, medium, low and strobe— with its high setting outputting ...

22 different flashlight apps in Google Play were found to contain malicious adware (GOOG, GOOGL)
Many security advocates tell Android users to only download apps from Google Play, the official store that Google operates for Android apps, in order to avoid viruses and spam. But even Google Play can fall victim to malicious code. Security researchers at ...