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News for Football

Detroit Lions' Dan Campbell got the coaching bug from helping out at a youth football camp
As a player, Dan Campbell swore he would never be an NFL head coach because of the hours he saw his coaches put in. Now, he's with the Detroit Lions.

Klopp warns Liverpool will struggle to sign players without Champions League football
Jurgen Klopp issued a transfer warning for Liverpool ahead of Thursday's blockbuster clash against fifth-placed Chelsea.

Attorney for former LSU football coach Les Miles wants internal investigation released
Former LSU football coach Les Miles on Wednesday ended his legal bid to prevent the public release of a 2013 investigation report into allegations that he sexually harassed student workers and made ...

Washington Football Team replaces cheerleaders with co-ed dance team
The Washington Football Team on Wednesday announced the cheerleaders will be replaced by a co-ed dance squad, less than one month after it halted its all-female program, following a confidential ...

2021 Fantasy Football: Jamey Eisenberg's Breakouts 1.0 lean heavily on Year 2 class potential
Let's start with Akers, who closed last year on a tear for the Rams. He was the Rams best offensive player in the postseason, and he's put himself in position to be a Round 2 pick in most Fantasy ...

With high school football sidelined in D.C., some players headed to Houston for a little seven-on-seven
Even with many high school sports on hold, the recruiting cycle never slows. We will use this recruiting roundup to stay on top of local commitments, scholarship offers, news and updates on local ...

Everyone counted these kids out. But this young football team battles high odds, defies expectations
On a warm and sunny March evening, little ones gleefully chased each other at Tarkington Park while just weeks into their 2019 spring season, the Indy Steelers youth football league ran drills. Ball ...

Washington Football Team will not have cheerleaders in 2021 but will add coed dance squad
As part of the Washington Football Team's rebranding of the gameday experience, team will not include cheerleaders in 2021 but add a coed dance squad.

Colin Cowherd predicts Darnold to the Washington Football Team
Colin Cowherd believes so. On Wednesday's episode of The Herd, Cowherd predicted the starting quarterback for numerous teams that are reported to be involved in the carousel this offseason. When he ...

Three ex-Cathedral players make their high school football debuts in North Carolina
Quarterback Lucas Lenhoff and two of his friends, after leaving Cathedral High in Los Angeles, make their North Carolina high school football debuts.

Washington Football Team Will Replace Cheerleaders With a Coed Dance Team
The Washington Football Team has scrapped its cheerleading program after many accusations of sexual harassment from the women on the squad, which will be replaced with a coed dance team next season.

Michigan football gets commitment from Eastpointe 2022 receiver Tay'Shawn Trent
Eastpointe receiver Tay'Shawn Trent committed to Michigan football on Wednesday afternoon, announcing his decision via Twitter.