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Model A touring group coming to Seymour
One thing is guaranteed when a fleet of Ford Model A automobiles that are nearly 100 years old cruises down the street.

Local history: Ford’s Long Beach Assembly Plant, from 1930 Model A’s to 1959 Fairlanes
Ford built the Long Beach Assembly Plant to expand the production of its Model A, which replaced the Model T in 1927. The first car to roll off the new assembly line, a four-door sedan with a list ...

The Real Reason Why Ford Sued John Cena
The Ford GT is something of a collectors item, but actor and wrestler John Cena was quick to sell his off, prompting a lawsuit.

Used Ford Model A for sale in Williamsburg, VA
Used My Model A was every dream come true for a high school girl. I was popular with the girls because they that it was cute and the boys thought it was cool. It was both of these things.

Rare Classic Cars: Why We Love The 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra
The Ford Torino King Cobra was designed to conquer NASCAR and to also compete against awesome cars like the Plymouth Superbird.

See a century of Ford product photos in this online catalog
The Ford Heritage Vault is a digital catalog of 5,000 curated Ford and Lincoln photographs and product brochures from the company's first 100 years.

Used Ford Model A for sale in Bath, NY
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Meet the woman who helped Ford beat range anxiety and get the electric F-150 Lightning truck on the road
Linda Zhang led the team that designed the electric version of America's most popular vehicle, creating a new generation of eco-truckers.

Ford scrapped early electric SUV designs after CEO Jim Farley saw it: 'It looks like a Prius. That's a joke.'
Ford's popular electric Mustang almost looked like a Toyota Prius, CEO Jim Farley told The Wall Street Journal.

A Guide To Buying A 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning
The pickup truck is easily one of the most important vehicle segments in North America. For years, various gas-guzzling beasts from the Big Three automakers have dominated this segment, and the one ...

Tesla Model S Plaid Challenges (And Beats) Ford Mustang, But Where’s The Fun In That?
The video in question shows a Tesla Model S Plaid baiting a Ford Mustang into a drag race with somewhat predictable results but it’s sparked debate. Featured on the YouTube channel Supercar_Shar, the ...

Ford Is Bringing A New “Very Gay” Raptor At Goodwood
The second iteration of the Very Gay Raptor adopts a rainbow-colored livery in support of the LGBTQ+ community ...