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News for Formula 1

Tony Brooks: Formula 1's last surviving race winner of the 1950s
Formula 1 in the 1950s produced a host of heroic race winners - now, sadly, there is only one surviving member of that elite club.

Formula One teams agree cost-cutting measures: BBC
Formula One's 10 teams have agreed cost-cutting measures including a budget cap of $145 million for 2021, the BBC reported on Friday.

Formula 1 teams agree cost-cutting package
Formula 1 teams agree to a package of cost-cutting changes to help the sport ride out the coronavirus crisis, BBC Sport can reveal.

Renault F1 Principal Denies Manufacturer Is Leaving Formula 1
Cyril Abiteboul, team principal of Renault F1, is tired of answering questions about the company quitting Formula 1. “I can deny it,” Abiteboul says, “but I am not sure that I will shut down these ...

Mercedes ships Formula 1 car to home of terminally ill boy
Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton's team sent his Mercedes race car to the home of a terminally ill young fan in England. Hamilton, who won the Spanish Grand Prix over the weekend, said he ...

Podcast: Should Alonso return to Formula 1?
As the Formula 1 driver market continues to move following Sebastian Vettel's exit from Ferrari, one man continually linked with a comeback is Fernando Alonso.

Alonso open to Formula One return
Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso said on Monday he is looking for a challenge "at the top level" and is not ruling out a return to Formula One, amid increasing speculation he could sign for ...

John Malone Says COVID-19 Won’t Hurt Concerts, Formula One, Baseball Long-Term: “Human Beings Are Gregarious By Nature”
Live events like concerts, baseball games and car races will remain a healthy and viable business over the long term despite the 2020 impact of COVID-19, in the view of Liberty Media chairman John ...

Arsenal star Aubameyang to make Formula One esports debut
Emerick Aubameyang will be taking tips from McLaren's Lando Norris before the pair line up for a virtual Formula One grand prix around Monaco's street circuit on Sunday.

Formula One champ Hamilton questions his future
The six-time world champion said he had days when he struggled for motivation as he has waited to discover when the 2020 season may get under way amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lewis Hamilton reveals lockdown trauma made him consider quitting Formula One
Lewis Hamilton has admitted to questioning his future in Formula One during the lockdown. The six-time world champion said he had days when he struggled for motivation as he has waited to discover ...

Sainz hopes Alonso makes Formula One return
Fernando Alonso is linked with a Formula One comeback and Carlos Sainz Jr. would like to see the veteran back.