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News for Formula 1

Formula One chief hopes title race is settled on the track
Formula One motorsport boss Ross Brawn has told Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen that he does not want their championship battle to be decided by another collision. The sport’s most exciting title ...

Ticktum blown chances to enter ‘political’ Formula 1
Dan Ticktum believes his chances of joining the Formula 1 grid are gone after being dropped from the Williams programme.

Netflix's 'Schumacher': What really happened to Formula One racer Michael Schumacher?
Only time will tell whether there will be more on the horrific injury suffered on Netflix's 'Schumacher'. The documentary will add to the F1 content the streamer has produced after ' A life of speed: ...

Mercedes see engine compromise to help VW enter Formula One
Mercedes are open to compromise on Formula One's future engine rules to make it easier for the Volkswagen Group to enter the sport, motorsport head and F1 team boss Toto Wolff told reporters at the ...

Top Formula 1 contenders Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, crash during Italian Grand Prix
Two Formula 1 championship contenders, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, canceled each other out Sunday at the Italian Grand Prix.

Formula One Says Fridays Are For The Rookies
Formula One teams have pretty much always been allowed to run anyone they wish to during free practice sessions. Obviously there are some limits to that, they need to hold a Super License, for ...

Formula One considering stand-alone sprint races in 2022
Formula One could turn sprint races into stand-alone events next year with more points on offer and separate from Sunday's main grand prix, said motorsport managing director Ross Brawn.

A Winning Formula-1 Racecar Could Be Yours. For $2 Million
As Raikkonnen bids farewell to Formula 1 racing, here's a chance to own a piece of racing history. It will set you back a couple of million dollars, though.

Netflix's 'Schumacher': What is the Formula One legend's net worth?
His net worth was one of the constant topics of discussion during his scintillating career and after the traumatic skiing injury he suffered in 2013 ...

Formula One 'Halo' Saves Driver Lewis Hamilton After Crash At Italian Grand Prix
CHANG: And luckily for driver Lewis Hamilton, it might have just spared his life after a crash on Sunday at the Italian Grand Prix. UNIDENTIFIED ANNOUNCER #1: And there's Max Verstappen right behind ...

'Halo' saves Formula One star Lewis Hamilton from being crushed in crash
Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton says his car's 'halo' protective device saved his life during a crash with Max Verstappen at the Italian Grand Prix. The two collided while fighting for position in ...

Formula 1 And Motorsport Network Launch World’s Largest F1 Fan Survey
The world’s leading motorsport series and the industry’s largest digital platform unite to give fans across the world the chance to have their voices heard.