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News for Formula 1

Podcast: Does Formula 1 have a restarts problem?
Formula 1's safety car procedure is in the spotlight this week after a chaotic Tuscan Grand Prix saw four cars wiped out during a restart.

Formula 1’s Most Mysterious M&A: More Potential Clues On Williams’ New Owner
Representatives of Williams Racing’s new owner, Dorilton Capital LLC, attended the Tuscan Grand Prix in Mugello, Italy. Yet it still remains unclear who Williams’ new owner really is.

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton wears shirt calling for arrest of cops who shot Breonna Taylor
Lewis Hamilton wore a shirt that read "Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor" at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Tuscany this past weekend.

Formula 1 2020 Season: Tuscan GP Start Time, TV Channel, Live Stream
After a dramatic race at Monza, the Formula 1 season remains in Italy with the inaugural Tuscan Grand Prix scheduled for Sunday.

UPDATE 1-Sport-Italy to allow fans at tennis, two Serie A games and Formula One
Up to 1,000 spectators will be allowed to watch the final two days of the Italian Open tennis tournament and two Serie A matches this weekend and a Formula One race at Imola in November, officials ...

What You Need To Know About Formula One Group's (NASDAQ:FWON.K) Investor Composition
If you want to know who really controls Formula One Group (NASDAQ:FWON.K), then you'll have to look at the makeup ...

Ineos in link to Mercedes Formula 1 buy-in
Mercedes partner Ineos has been linked with a deal that could result in it taking a team shareholding, but a full takeover of the outfit is believed to be unlikely.

Alpine Will Attack Formula One And LMP1 At The Same Time
Over the weekend it was announced that Renault’s Enstone-based Formula One squad would change its name next year to be Alpine. Come Monday, the Alpine team announced it would also be elevating its FIA ...

Formula One teams adamant triple-headers cannot become the norm
As Formula One teams return home to rest and gather breath after three successive triple-headers, bosses have stressed that such intense scheduling cannot become the norm.

Mercedes-AMG comes out on top in eventful 2020 Formula One Tuscan Grand Prix
Sunday saw the running of a special Tuscan Grand Prix serving as race number nine of the revised calendar of the 2020 Formula One World Championship. The race, which marked Ferrari's 1,000th grand ...

Sebastian Vettel will join Aston Martin Formula One team from 2021
Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will remain in Formula One after signing a deal with the Racing Point team, which will rebrand itself as Aston Martin from next season.

Lewis Hamilton hits out Formula One after four-way crash at Tuscan Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton accused Formula One of putting drivers’ lives at risk in Sunday’s crash-hit Tuscan Grand Prix. The world champion overcame two red flags to win for a 90th time and move to within one of ...