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News for Formula 1

Davos 2020: Can Formula 1 really go 'carbon neutral' by 2030?
It is no secret that Formula 1 racing is a polluting sport, or that its previous owner Bernie Ecclestone wasn't particularly interested in sustainability. But things have changed since the elite motor ...

Season 2 of Netflix's excellent "Formula One: Drive to Survive" series starts Feb. 28
Formula One fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. In addition to the 2020 season debut on March 15 at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia, F1 and Netflix announced Wednesday that its ...

Formula One to hold auction for Australian bushfire relief
Formula One, whose 2020 season starts in Melbourne on March 15, has announced an auction to help areas most affected by the Australian bushfires. The sport said in a statement that drivers, teams, ...

Dolphins announce new Formula One track and schedule as residents fight race plans
The Miami Dolphins are trying to bring a Formula 1 race to Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, but residents are fighting the plan. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, the Dolphins announced a new design of the ...

Pay TV not just about money, says Formula 1
The Formula 1 organisation says that the quality of its pay TV audience is as important as the overall numbers, as it released its 2019 viewing figures. F1 enjoyed an increase in its cumulative TV ...

W Series will race at Formula One's U.S. and Mexican Grands Prix
LONDON — W Series organizers say they have moved a step closer to getting a woman driver into Formula One after announcing on Thursday a deal to be on the support program for this year's U.S. and ...

Red Bull Closes Formula 1 Doors To Returning Ex-Junior Team Members
Red Bull has determined it will not allow returning junior team members to have a chance at Formula 1. The team has placed rigorous rules after the dismal performance of Toro Rosso last season.

Formula One CEO Says Overhaul Deal Talks in ‘Final Stages’
Formula One is close to concluding years of negotiations with teams over a new charter, a crucial piece of Liberty Media Corp.’s overhaul plans for the sport, according to Chief Executive Officer ...

Want Your Own Formula 1 Car? Here's TDF-1, Built to Be User-Friendly
Tour-de-Force Power Engineering, or TDF, is offering a car with a 2011 Marussia or 2012 Sauber Formula 1 chassis and a 600-hp turbo 1.7-liter engine. TDF claims its TDF-1 offers "95 percent of the ...

What it takes to be a Formula 1 photographer
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Can Formula 1 really go 'carbon neutral' by 2030?
Can Formula 1 motor racing really go 'carbon neutral' by 2030?