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News for Fortnite

Arizona's Anti-Monopoly Bill Could Help Put Fortnite Back in the iOS App Store
Arizona legislators just passed an anti-monopoly bill in a 31-29 vote, which could have big implications for Apple, Google, and, weirdly enough, Fortnite. Arizona House Bill HB2005 “restricts the ...

Arizona considering law that could help Fortnite maker Epic remake Apple and Google app stores
The new rules could force Apple and Google to allow alternative payment options, an issue at the center of Apple and Google's lawsuits with Epic.

Fortnite Could Get Around Apple And Google's Payment Systems, If Proposed Arizona Bill Is Passed
A proposed Arizona bill has passed the House, which would allow Epic Games to offer its own payment method and forbid Apple or Google from retaliating.

'Fortnite' Lazar & Fresh Tournament Start Time and How to Get the Lazarbeam Skin Early
"Fortnite" is hosting Lazar & Fresh's Super Knockback tournament today, which means you have a chance to unlock the Lazarbeam skin early. Learn when the tournament starts and how to win the prize.

Arizona advances bill forcing Apple and Google to allow Fortnite-style alternative payment options
The bill, HB2005, opens the door for alternative payment systems on iOS and Android The Arizona House of Representatives just passed landmark app store legislation in a 31-29 vote on Wednesday that ...

Fall Guys bought by Fortnite maker Epic Games
The company said being bought by the maker of Fortnite was "a huge win for Fall Guys" and other games. Epic said recently announced versions of Fall Guys for Xbox and Nintendo Switch would go ahead as ...

Fortnite creator Epic Games buys the developer of Fall Guys, a title that defined the pandemic gaming boom
Fortnite developer Epic Games has acquired Tonic Games Group, the British studio behind smash hit video game Fall Guys.

Fortnite: From piano player to pro gamer - aged just eight
"I've thought about being a professional gamer a lot, but no-one took me seriously until Team 33 came along." Joseph, who's also from California, has been playing Fortnite since he was four years old ...

'Fortnite' Update 15.50 Adds Rapid Fire SMG and Bigger Islands - Patch Notes
"Fortnite" update 15.50 unvaults the Rapid Fire SMG and more. Get the official list of changes in the patch notes.

‘Fall Guys’ will join ‘Fortnite’ maker as Epic Games acquires Tonic Games Group
Epic Games announced Tuesday that it acquired the parent company behind popular indie game, “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.” It declined to share how much it paid. Epic will acquire Tonic Games Group, ...

'Fortnite' maker Epic Games just bought the studio behind streamer hit 'Fall Guys'
The gaming juggernaut behind "Fortnite" now owns the game development studios behind smash-hit game "Fall Guys" and the studio behind "Rocket League." ...

Fortnite developer Epic buys Fall Guys studio Mediatonic
Epic Games is acquiring Fall Guys and developer Epic Games. This is part of Epic's quest to create "the metaverse." ...