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News for Free People

Alaskan Bush People’s Ami Brown Declared Cancer Free After Given 3 Percent Survival Chance
Ami Brown refused to give up hope. Ann Curry On Her Reaction To The Matt Lauer Scandal: “I’m Not a Vengeful Person."

Ami Brown From "Alaskan Bush People" Is Officially Cancer-Free
Update, 1/17/18: Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown has officially beaten cancer, People reports. The mother of seven had been fighting advanced lung cancer with grueling radiation and chemotherapy, and at one point was only given a 3% chance of survival.

Oh My God, People. The Powerball Winner Is Not Giving Away Free Money on Instagram.
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Ami Brown cancer free as Alaskan Bush People matriarch given all clear by doctors
Alaskan Bush People’s matriarch Amy Brown refused to give up when she was given the devastating news that she had cancer, made all the worse by being told by some doctors that she had just a 5% chance of surviving. Now in some stunning news the 54-year ...

5 habits of debt-free people
If you always have debts to pay and you find it hard to pay your debt then you should check your daily habit and lifestyle. It could be a reason you are always in debt. For you to be debt-free you need to study the lifestyle of people who do not have any debt.

Ethiopia to Free 528 People Arrested During Anti-Government Protests
Ethiopia's top prosecutor said Monday that charges against 528 prisoners detained in connection with anti-government protests would be dropped, and the inmates would be released on Wednesday. General Prosecutor Getachew Ambaye indicated that individuals ...

Free the People: The New Year's Victory You Didn't Hear About
We squared off with authoritarianism, and we exhausted ourselves. That was the story of 2017. We fought, but things got dark, and we got tired. Then, in December, Republicans in Congress united around an idea that we lacked the power to stop -- the ...

People with dementia forced to fight for free NHS care
People with dementia are being forced to fight funding battles so they can receive Continuing Healthcare, with some ending up dying before a decision on eligibility has been made. Continuing Healthcare funding is not means tested and pays for a person’s ...

Atacocita dentist offers day of free dental care for people in need
Dr. Gary White was out on the front lines helping people whose homes were damaged during Hurricane Harvey and even opened his own home to a family who lost theirs. This behavior came as no surprise to his associates at Atascocita Dental. "That's just the ...

A New Era for ‘The People’s Symphony,’ Debt-Free and Focused on Audience Development
After ratifying a new contract with the players of the San Antonio Symphony Friday, the orchestra’s governing board pledged through its new chairwoman to develop a plan for long-term financial viability and to better serve the broader community.