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What was the first consumer desktop CPU to achieve 4GHz+ out of the box?
Although chips including the Pentium 4 series could be overclocked or boosted beyond 4GHz before the arrival of AMD's Bulldozer series, it was the first to feature a factory-clocked processor above 4G...

AMD Prices FX-4170 and FX-6200 Bulldozer CPUs
Two weeks after it introduced the FX-4170 and FX-6200 processors into its Bulldozer CPU lineup, AMD added the MSRPs of these two chips to its official price list, thus confirming the rumors that sugge...

AMD rolls out FX-4170 and FX-6200 CPUs
AMD has released two new FX-Series unlocked CPUs, the FX-4170 and the FX-6200, as well as made a nice price cut on its eight-core FX-8120 and six-core FX-6100 CPUs. The two new additions to the FX-Ser...

Meet AMD’s Piledriver FX Quad Core Processors
As we just reported here, AMD is rushing to clean up after the Bulldozer mess and most processors based on this architecture will EOL in December 2012. The Bulldozer-based FX models will be replaced w...