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News for Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake's Iris Optical gaming mouse polls at 2 KHz
Dragging windows around or even simply moving the mouse pointer feels smoother and clearer on a high-refresh display. However, refresh rate is only one piece of the puzzle. USB polling rates aren't matched up to screen refreshes, so a mouse with a high ...

How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse for You
A gaming mouse by definition is just a regular one with added features and customizable buttons to make it more suitable for playing video games. Casual PC users or those who only use their desktops for work may be baffled by the existence of gaming mice ...

Logitech G603 review: An ergonomic, low response rate wireless gaming mouse
The Logitech G603 proves that wireless has come into its own and is a suitable choice for gamers wanting a wireless option without sacrificing performance. As I mentioned in our recently published Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review ...

HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse
HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology have this week announced the launch of their new HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB gaming mouse which is now available to purchase price of $70. Specifically designed to provide a “pinpoint accuracy” the ...

ZOTAC MEK1 Gaming PC Review: Slim, Affordable And Worth Every Penny
Inside the shipping box you’ll also find a sturdy mechanical ZOTAC Gaming keyboard, optical RGB gaming mouse and a large mousepad. We’ll analyze those more in a bit, but suffice to say they’re a steep step above your typical throwaway pack-ins.

Roccat Kone AIMO Optical Gaming Mouse Review
I’m a huge fan of the Roccat gaming mouse range. I’ve been using the Kone, the Kone XTD, and for the last year or two, the Tyon. They’re often slightly larger and broader than most mice, and better fit my somewhat larger than average hands; yay for me!

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard + Lapboard Review
There's also no USB passthrough, so you can't connect your mouse to it on the lapboard. I am assuming the reason for its omission is that it result in a drastic decrease in battery life. So you’ll need a wireless gaming mouse if you plan on using it on ...

Patriot Viper V570 review: A capable and flexible gaming mouse
The Patriot Viper V570 comes in at under $50 USD, which is a pretty great deal. If your gaming happens on a PC, you already know your mouse can make a huge difference in your gaming success. There are tons of options out there allowing for a choice for ...

Tt eSPORTS Iris Optical RGB Gaming Mouse Now Available
The affordable RGB LED gaming mouse Tt eSPORTS unveiled at CES 2018 is finally available worldwide. The Tt eSPORTS Iris Optical RGB pushes the boundaries of how many features you can cram in a budget mouse. It has six programmable buttons with a 20-Million ...