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On Gardening: Heart to Heart ignites a fiery revival in caladiums
The past few years have been like a revival of the gardening spirit when it comes to The Gardening Guy and caladiums. In the '90s I went bonkers planting caladiums ...

Constant gardening: No wrong season for planting native wildflowers
No question, early spring, is a great time for starting the vegetable garden, and planting annuals (be they native or cultivars), and autumn is prime time to sew seeds. But wild, native perennials don ...

This Summer Gardening Checklist Will Help You Stay On Track
Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations. Summer is just around the bend, and that means it’s time to do some summer gardening and complete certain projects before the end of ...

Pismo Beach police respond to ‘Mrs. Scary Badger’ doing some gardening in Oceano
We send her and the family our regards ... from a safe distance,” the Pismo Beach Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Queen Camilla reveals that she loves gardening — but ‘everything creaks and groans’
It looks like Queen Camilla still has the thyme to garden after all. While visiting Northern Ireland last week on an official visit with her husband, King Charles, the 75-year-old revealed that she ...

This gardening tool lets you weed your yard without bending over — grab it while it’s on sale
If you're an avid gardener or a lover of a manicured lawn, then you're most likely no stranger to the pains of weeding.

These are the 13 best gardening shows to stream right now
Taking on any gardening project can be intimidating, especially if you're an amateur. However, you can fuel creativity and inspiration with these gardening shows.

Gardening: Lawns also suffered from longer period of winter weather
Our plants weren’t the only thing to get hammered by the winter and other weather conditions. Our lawns took a beating from several issues.

How to Revive a Rusty Pair of Gardening Shears
There’s nothing quite like the satisfying sound a sharp pair of sears makes when you’re pruning or deadheading your plants. But every gardener knows the anguish of finding that their shears have been ...

Gardening for You: Whimsical walking alliums
Gardeners can be really serious about their plants still, adding a little whimsy to the garden is good for the soul. A short stroll into a garden where quirky walking onions are growing brings a smile ...

TKO: Sports over gardening
It hasn’t happened yet, but it could. TKO, “The Kilcoyne Opinion” thinking of a June weekend that features Nascar in town along with St. Louis City SC, and also the Cardinals at Busch and the Blues in ...

Here's what's hot in the gardening world for 2023
Gardening with Gutner talked with him to find out what gardeners fancy in 2023. "Tropicals are a hot trend right now. We've got everything from Hibiscus to Mandevilles to Palm Trees that people use ...