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News for Gas Pump

Rising cost of crude oil means a spike in prices for drivers at the pump
Gas prices are expected to top $3 a gallon soon with the summer driving season approaching.

Trump hits out at OPEC as gas prices continue to climb
Americans are paying more at the pump these days, and energy analysts say we should expect to keep digging deeper into our pockets through spring. Gas prices, which have already risen to a nearly three-year high, are forecast to go up even further.

Deputies: Florida man on LSD knocks out teen girl at RaceTrac while her parent pumps gas
ST. PETERSBURG — A man punched a 13-year-old girl inside a RaceTrac convenience store Saturday, knocking her unconscious as her parent pumped gas outside, Pinellas deputies reported. Kolbe Wayne Smith, 27, of St. Petersburg now faces charges of ...

Credit card skimmers at Florida gas pumps are becoming harder to stop
Hollywood Police and state inspectors examined hundreds of gas pumps in search of credit and debit card skimmers that steal financial information from consumers Hollywood Police and state inspectors examined hundreds of gas pumps in search of credit and ...

Two arrested for card skimmers found on gas pumps in Albany
Officials with Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office confirm two individuals were arrested in connection with card skimming devices discovered at an Kangaroo Express gas station located in Albany. A joint investigation between the Livingston Parish Sheriff's ...

Gas prices climb amid seasonal switch to summer-grade fuel
WILMINGTON, Del. — It’s spring time, and gas prices are growing like weeds. Drivers in the Mid-Atlantic region and across the country are paying more at the pump as stations switch over to summer blend fuel and oil prices continue to climb. AAA Mid ...

This Week In Credit Card News: Business Advantages To Going Cashless; Chevy Rolls Out In-Car Gas Pay
The new feature will allow certain Chevy drivers to pay and earn rewards directly through the vehicle’s touchscreen when getting gas at participating Shell-branded ... that allows the user to activate a pump and start fueling. The fill-up is then ...

Violent crash at Miami gas station kills driver, injures passenger
WPLG-TV in Miami reports the vehicle careened off the highway and into the gas station's sign, narrowly missing a gas pump. A witness said appeared the driver was speeding and lost control of the car.

Tinley Park Plan Commission rejects special use permits for gas station
The business incorporates a gas station, diesel fueling pumps for large trucks, a convenience store with a Dunkin’ Donuts and Beggars Pizza, and a car wash on a 4.9-acre site. Owner Leonard McEnery is seeking to annex to Tinley Park in part to request a ...

Spring gas price sticker shock: AAA
Drivers in the Mid-Atlantic region and across the country are paying more at the pump as a result of the annual switch-over to summer grade fuel, strong demand for gasoline and a sharp rise in oil and gas prices. Motorists in Virginia are paying between ...