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News for Gator Bowl

Assessing UK football’s bowl performance: On one list, Cats are No. 1
UK’s all-time bowl performance might not hold up that well among SEC schools, but the Wildcats stand tall among a different peer group.

Gene Frenette: Coronavirus issues put Gator Bowl in tough holding pattern
The TaxSlayer Gator Bowl is still more than seven months away, but the impact of COVID-19 is making it harder to maintain Jacksonville’s 75-year ...

Texas A&M top play second-round: Gator Bowl vs. Gator Bowl
The second matchup is 'Record Setter' vs. 'No. 1 for 12.' 'No. 1 for No. 12' is also from the 2018 Gator Bowl with a run from Cullen Gillaspia. After being moved to fullback from linebacker prior ...

WVU Hall of Famer Steve Slaton reflects on college stardom & NFL career
The Mountaineers won eleven games in each season, winning Sugar, Gator and Fiesta Bowl games. All three players were selected in the NFL Draft. Slaton left Morgantown after his junior season and ...

Texas Tech Red Raiders
At the 1954 Gator Bowl, The Masked Rider became the official mascot and the first horse-ridden mascot in major college sports. Tech's other mascot, Raider Red, so developed because of an old ...

Gator Bowl 2020: Indiana vs. Tennessee preview, how to watch & more
The TaxSlayer Gator Bowl will be played between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Tennessee Volunteers. The game will be played at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Fla. Indiana comes into the game with ...

Toyota Gator Bowl: Florida State vs. Virginia Tech
"For althose writing off the Seminoles -- do so at your own risk. The Gator Bowl win shows how good Chris rix can be and Bobby Bowden will have the Seminoles back in the national title chase next ...

Florida Gators' Andre Debose wins Gator Bowl MVP honors
He did his part. The sophomore had a 99-yard kick return that gave Florida the go-ahead score in Monday's 24-17 win over Ohio State in the Gator Bowl. It was the longest play in Gator Bowl history ...

Tennessee scores twice late to stun Indiana 23-22 in Gator
The Volunteers scored twice in a 30-second span late, using an onside kick to help escape a 13-point deficit, and then held on to stun Indiana 23-22 in the Gator Bowl on Thursday night.

ESPN.com: College Bowls
held Georgia Tech to its fewest points in 17 games and ended Joe Hamilton's career on a sour note with a 28-13 victory in the Gator Bowl. The game belonged to Miami's defense, which extended its ...