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News for George

At George Floyd Squares, Chauvin trial looms as emotional turning point
As the spring melt invites increasing foot traffic to 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, Madi Ramirez-Tentinger is trying to find and paint over some of the "F — 12" graffiti sprinkled among the protest ...

House to vote on expansive police reform bill named in honor of George Floyd
The legislation, which faces obstacles in the Senate, would ban chokeholds, end racial and religious profiling and prohibit certain no-knock warrants.

House Speaker Pelosi Holds a Press Conference on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), along with House Democrats, holds a news conference on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her weekly legislative briefing to the ...

House to vote on bill named in honor of George Floyd aimed at preventing police misconduct
The House of Representatives is slated to vote Wednesday on legislation aimed at preventing police misconduct that Democrats named in honor of George Floyd, whose death in police custody sparked ...

Baltimore, Prince George’s leaders push for more equitable COVID vaccine plan: ‘We can reverse the course’
The leaders of Baltimore City and Prince George's County, Maryland’s two largest majority-Black jurisdictions, on Wednesday urged the state to do a better job distributing vaccines in an equitable way ...

Giants legend George Martin mourns death of John Mendenhall
News of another New York Giants great from the 1970s passing away hit the Giants family this week with the death of former defensive tackle John Mendenhall last Friday at the age of 72. Mendenhall was ...

Mom Gives Birth to Son in Front Seat of Tesla Near George Washington Bridge Exit
What she didn't expect was to give birth just off the George Washington Bridge in New York City for no reason other than her son's precocious punctuality. "I had said to [my doctor] throughout my ...

These 3 legal experts are skeptical a Democratic bill named in honor of George Floyd would really change law enforcement
The House is expected to take up a major police reform bill. Legal experts are skeptical it would lead to big changes for law enforcement, even if it survived the Senate.

Explosions at plant nursery in Bowie cause $75,000 of damages, Prince George’s County Fire Department says
Prince George’s County Fire Department received multiple calls for explosions and fire at a nursery in Bowie on Monday night.

2 Adirondack area snowmobile fatals: One on Lake George; the other from a three-sled accident on a trail
Two snowmobilers died last week in separate accidents in the Adirondacks region – one on the ice on Lake George; the other, on a snowmobile trail in Franklin County. A firefighter from the Bronx died ...

The Washington Post appoints Kristine Coratti Kelly Chief Communications Officer and Shani George Vice President, Communications
These key leadership moves reflect the increased role the communications team is playing in The Post’s national and global expansion.